Duckie’s Domain

January 29, 2009


I just bought a domain! As great as WordPress is/was I’ll be moving over to that domain eventually. I love how I must spend $300 on figures a month, yet I refuse to pay a small fee to WordPress to allow myself access to more features that I want. I’m surprisingly stingy on spending money on anything outside my hobby. I figure if I need to pay any fees I may as well own my own domain which I can have complete control over. Any guesses on what domain I bought? That’s right! Hurray for it not being taken! It costs $7/month to host the site and $10/year to own the domain.

I’m thinking of staying with Yotsuba as my featured character and having a nice green colored theme! Any other suggestions?

PS – Don’t bother going to my new domain it’s not set up at all.

Last Haul of January

January 27, 2009


Usually my first picture is of all the figures in their boxes but I thought doing it this way looked much nicer. The picture of the pile of boxes is a bit further down the post. As you can see I’ve made use of that cloth I bought from Walmart, I actually used all 4 pieces as backgrounds in this haul. I’m really fond of polka dot patterns, I’m unsure if I like the cloth wrinkled (to add texture) or ironed flat. Next time I get fabric I think I’m in need of a blood red background for the dangerous ladies! Also you might have noticed I’ve tried to put in more effort in my lighting. It’s not perfect yet but I think I made a big step in the right direction. I used all the advice everyone gave me and used white poster to reflect light, all spectrum bulbs, and tracing paper to disperse the light better.

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Duckie’s Dream Figures

January 21, 2009


So according to WCloudx’s Blog, Megahouse is realeasing a line of figures known as G.E.M. that are geared towards their female customers 🙂 Their debut piece of man meat will be Lelouch/Zero of Code Geass. As a female collector of figures all I have to say is…THAAAAAAANK YOU! Even before this line was announced Megahouse was the only figure company that catered to my desire to have figures of my favorite male characters (One Piece and Bleach). Since this announcement I’ve dared to dream that some of my other favorite men characters will become figures.

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First Haul of 2009

January 19, 2009

Now THIS is how you start off a year! I was really excited by this particular haul, had a lot of beauties and cuties. The lighting on the picture of the whole haul sucks because it was night by the time I got home and I was just SO EXCITED and ready to open them and place them on my shelves that I rushed. I’ve been collecting figures for over a year now and the sight of a haul like this still makes me act beside myself with excitment. Hopefully the pictures of each individual figure below will make up for this crummy one.

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Taiga Aisaka (Toradora!) Max Factory

January 16, 2009



This is Taiga Aisaka from the anime/light novels Toradora! The figure is by Max Factory. I admit it, I bought this figure before I knew anything about this character, the figure was released before the anime started airing last fall. But if you ask me this figure says almost everything you need to know about Taiga’s personality. This is one of those situations where I fall in love with a character/figure and then watch the anime to find out more about the character that has intrigued me. I’ve fallen really behind in the series but I intend on catching up all at once soon. It’s hard for me to watch 1 episode a week of something, I much prefer to wait a bit and watch a huge chunk of the series marathon style.


I couldn’t resist her grumpy face and the fact that she was holding such a cute but angry tiger! This pose is modeled after the cover of the first volume of the light novel series (pictured above). Max Factory did a superb job, as always.

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Professor Layton and the Curious Village

January 13, 2009


Quick Summary
Professor Layton and Luke are asked to visit a village and solve the mystery of The Golden Apple. The richest man in a village (Baron Reinhold)  died and in his will he said he would leave his entire fortune to the one that solved his last puzzle. The treasure seeking individual simply must find the Golden Apple hidden somewhere in the village and they’ll inherit his fortune. The wife of the recently deceased Baron Reinhold has invited Professor Layton to the village to help her solve it. However everyone in the village are just as obsessed with puzzles as the late Baron and in order to accomplish anything and gain their assistance you need to humor them and solve their puzzles throughout the game.


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Rozalin (Disgaea 2) Griffon

January 7, 2009



This is Rozalin from the video game Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories on the PS2. The figure is by Griffon Enterprises. I’ve played the first Disagea game (Disgaea: Hour of Darkness) but I haven’t played the 2nd one yet. The Disgaea series are created by Nippon Ichi and are strategy RPGs. Generally the overall opinion seems to be that Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is better then  Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. But personally I’m anticipating liking Disgaea 2 more. Why? Well in general I’m not that fond of moe type females, and the two leads of the first game are just that. I prefer characters with womanly beauty and grace like this Rozalin. I loved playing Laharl as the anti-hero in Disgaea 1 but I really like the sound of the hero from the 2nd game and the situation under which he and Rozalin meet. Although these are just predictions on my part because (for me) a love of character design is important in games and anime.

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