Last December Haul


So here is my last haul of December! I’m actually overall not as excited by the haul of figures as I was expecting to be. I have quick pictures of each individual figure below. I used to just show hauls with the figures in their boxes in a big pile. But since I take a while to get around to posting reviews I realize its better if I do at least a few individual pics at the haul to help those who are worried about certain figures a bit quicker. I also went on a big manga spree this month 🙂 I just loooooove manga!


Gotta love how all the manga is SUUUPER girlie except Volume 3 of Black Lagoon and volume 1 of Hellsing to the very right. I just adore Black Lagoon so much! And even though the anime is exactly like the manga I’m really enjoying the manga still. As for Hellsing I heard the manga is amazing so I have to give at least the first volume a try and see if I take to it. I’m a pretty big fan of tales of vampires so it will probably work out. Alas The Queen’s Knight volume 12…that was the last volume to be released before Tokyopop indefinitely delayed the rest of the series. I really love this series and believe me I have a few choice words for Tokyopop right now. High School Debut 5 & 6 is a simple shoujo series that I’m really enjoying a lot.  Bride of the Water God is interesting but I’m not 100% hooked yet, going to try out a few more volumes. I think I’m just being a sucker for the lovely covers and art style of the series. Tail of the Moon 5, this series seems like your average shoujo (except with ninjas) so far, but I feel like it’s going to become something much better so I continue to read it. Nana 12, I was warned to NOT READ Nana because it stinks so I stayed away from this series for a long time. Nana is amazing and the people who told me that are SILLY! One of the best shoujos you could ask for, thaht is if you like Ai’s art style and realistic portrayal of the way people may act while in relationships. Platinum Garden 3-5, I honestly can’t say I recommend this series. I really thought the series sounded great so I bought the first 5 volumes and read them all at once but…it’s nothing too great and the art style is UGLY. Red River 19-22, I’ve come this far in the series and I must see it through to the end! I have to admit this series would be better if it were a bit shorter but I’ve never really been bored by it. I enjoy tales where a young girl is transported to a strange land.



This is Maka of Soul Eater and the figure is by SquareEnix. I adore Soul Eater and I would buy this figure again regardless of the fact that I now realize that this figure was OVERPRICED! She retails at about $90 and is quite small, and although the quality isn’t bad lets just say Alter or Max Factory would give you a lot higher quality for a $90 – $100 price tag. But I am a RABID fan of Soul Eater and am still glad I got this figure. Pathetic aren’t I?



I was not really looking forward to this Little Red Riding Hood by Alter from POP Wonderland that much. I admit it, I was mainly buying her because I loved Alice and hoped more POP Wonderland figures would come out and I wanted the whole set. BUT…I LOVE this figure!! She is soooo cute! And she looks absolutely KAWAII next to the POP Wonderland Alice. The two compliment each other so well it’d be a sin not to put them next to each other! I like her just as much as Alice.



Don’t even say it I know….I know…this figure SUCKS! This is Sanzo from Gensomaden Saiyuki and the figure is by First Class. This was my first figure from First Class and upon receiving it I promptly cancelled the other figure I had ordered from this manufacturer. This figure looks bootleg…that’s how bad it is. There is supposed to be a cigarette in that hole in the mouth but even using a lot of force and some tweezers I couldn’t get it in. I’ll try again later though. The moment I took this figure out of the box it stripped for me…and not in the good way. The flowing robes that go on the arms fell off and I haven’t been able to get them back on. I just can’t believe that the hardest castoff for me to clothe is of a man. I love Sanzo and I love figures of men, so this company had me hook line and sinker for this P.O.S.


This is Rozalin (Rosalind?) of Disgaea 2 and the figure is by Griffon Enterprises. I’m satisfied by the quality of this figure but the figure is a bit small. She is hardly taller then a figma. I’m not sure she is worth the $55 just because she is so darn short. But I do think she is lovely.

7 Responses to Last December Haul

  1. gordanham says:

    I wanted to get the Alice one when I first saw it but I just didn’t have the money(T.T)
    That’s so cool that you have the set! Is alter planning to make more?
    P.S. Have you seen the Aokiji and Hawkeye P.O.P.’s?
    I think I’ll focus on getting all the strawhats before I start getting the other characters.
    Oh I so hope they do make a Conis and Enel one eventually.(-_-)

  2. Rin says:

    Nice DEC Haul!!!!!
    That’s a lot of manga…
    I want Rozalin!!!!! I WANT~

  3. hptran2001 says:

    poor you…. but didn’t the seller provide pictures of the products you bought.? i mean, just looking at the picture of SANZO, i know i don’t want to buy it because of the pose and clothes….. BTW, how much DID you pay for it.?

  4. lovelyduckie says:

    @ hptran – It wasn’t a seller I pre-ordered him from the place I get all my figures from. I bought it based on the prototype pictures the figure manufacturer released, and occasionally prototype pictures are a little more generous then the figure deserves. I think I paid $65 for him. Which stinks cause when I cut back on pre-orders I kept him and got rid of others. But I’m not too upset because I’m a bit wiser now, plus he is probably the only figure I’ve ever bought and regretted so I’m not doing too bad so far.

  5. Persocom says:

    I like the Soul Eater figure and the Disgaea and Red Riding Hood ones too. Hopefully you can get rid of that other one on ebay or something? I find that character from Soul Eater interesting but I’ve yet to check out the anime. As for Nana manga, I only have a couple of them but it’s great, and the anime is also great, and well there’s 2 live action movies that I own and enjoy too.. My wife and I are big Nana fans..

  6. Blowfish says:

    Nice!Black Lagoon is great as Anime aswell as Manga.Volume 8 got today released in Germany and it was a pleasure to read.

  7. Rainy says:

    I’m soooo glad to see Pop Riding Hood is so cute! I should be getting mine next week! I’m sure her and Alice will look great together!

    Sanzo on the other hand is Gawd awful! I hate mine and it actually holds the cig in his mouth and the robes don’t just fall off… I still hate it… bad paint job, bad sculpt… I will never buy First Class again!

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