Female Characters (Disgaea) Toys Works


This is a Trading Figure Set by Toys Works of some select Female Characters from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. I know there is an anime/manga but I’ve only played the original game so when I discuss these characters it will be from a gamer’s point of view. I’ve actually recently sold this set so these pictures are ones I took ages ago. Why did I sell this set? After too many bad experiences with trading figures I’ve decided to stay away from them altogether and sell all but my absolute favorite sets. These didn’t make the cut because Flonne started leaning and the garish color of the bases made me sad. Otherwise these are lovely trading figures of characters I like. Another big reason I gave up trading figures is because they take up too much shelf space and are difficult to display in a way so they’re all showing.


This is the darn cutest Etna ever if you ask me, I love that she is leaning on a Prinny. I would love a 1/8 scale figure of her in this pose (without her undies REALLY showing like in the Griffon one). Etna was a fun character and I dare say she was the most popular character from the game? That seems to be the impression I get.


Etna is the anti-heroine and Flonne is considered the heroine. Flonne is an Angel and is magic oriented. She looks cute/carefree in this pose, but it’s noticeable she started to lean slightly (pretty easily fixable). Her weapon looks a little silly too, especially in comparison to how well the other weapons in this set are. In the game…I hardly ever used her, she just didn’t work for me.


My favorite character in the entire game was my Miko, she did SO MUCH DAMAGE! Agh! I get excited just thinking about how badass she was. Although she is displayed with a spear I’m pretty sure I had mine wield an axe. She looks like she is leaning but I think she was like that from the start. It matches the pose.


Typically I’m the type of gamer that tries to minimize using a Mage and sticks to characters that do physical melee type damage. But in Disgaea, since it was a strategy game the mages were just too darn useful for me to ignore. I ended up with a team comprised mostly of heavy hitting magic using mages. I just loved how easily I could do damage with them while placing them in spots far away from their target.


Not only did I have a lot of mages but I also had 2 very dependable Archer characters. I LOOOOOVE characters that use a bow! And they have the same strategic benefits I mentioned about mages. I loved perching these guys on a high altitude panel and having them pick off mobs around them. It was real easy for me to level Archers and Mages. But there were other characters I had a lot of difficulty with. My healers always sucked especially, getting those pansies to land a fatal blow was difficult.


Speaking of characters I had a difficult time leveling…I never managed to develop a decent Knight. I don’t know why but I could never get her to be anything special on my team, I really put a lot of effort into her too. Of all the trading figures she looks best on this base. For some reason I accidentally deleted the individual picture I took of my knight.

Overall a decent trading figure set, if you can overlook the color of the bases then it’s a REALLY REALLY great set for Disgaea fans!

5 Responses to Female Characters (Disgaea) Toys Works

  1. kazearashi says:

    Ahh Disgaea… Used to play this as well, but not that long before I got distracted and played another game… XD

  2. Rin says:

    Disgaea is one of those games that it takes forever to finish…
    Disgaea 1 and 2 took a long time for me to finish…
    I loved it and I feel that Etna is my fav character of them all!!!!!!

  3. persocom says:

    Somehow I feel like I’m missing out on something big by never having played Disgaea… I’m not sure how I feel about trading figures as I don’t own any yet. I do agree those bases aren’t very attractive, though the figures are cute, but something that small leaning… ouch. About how much did this cost you originally?

  4. lovelyduckie says:

    @ persocom – I believe I pre-ordered them at about $40. Actually these figures were my first pre-order placed ever. Kotobukiya Kureha was my 2nd pre-order. As a game Disagaea often really frustrated me, and in order to level it felt more repetitious then other games. But I still enjoyed it.

  5. malzias says:

    I’m now playing Disgaea on my PSP and I gotta say its pretty fun. Etna for the win! ❤

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