First Haul of December


All my December Hauls are going to arrive back to back, so I’m going to have this little haul post today and probably a HUGE one next week. I’m delighted that Megahouse is doing Portraits of Pirates figures of the One Piece crew when they were kids. After all, their bittersweet/sad childhood stories were what made me latch onto these characters and love them as much as I do. I consider my One Piece figures to be the heart of my collection, they would be the last ones I’d sell in a time of great financial emergency. I have great admiration for characters that don’t obsess over their sad childhoods and instead look with excitment towards the future. The set above is the 2nd set of the kid versions (the first set had Luffy, Robin, and Sanji), in this set is Zoro, Nami, and Nojiko. When I review these figures I’ll probably do them as sets, I’m thinking I’ll take the pictures this weekend. They come with 2 heads with different facial expressions and different accessories. NOW onto my video games and manga!


I picked up Final Fantasy Tactics A2 and Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice at my local Gamestop. I’m a bit sad cause I damaged the cover of Apollo Justice when I took off the sticker. Initially I was very hesitant of this title since the protagonist is no longer my beloved Phoenix Wright, but we’ll see how things turn out with this new whipper snapper. As for Final Fantasy Tactics I bought this because I never got a chance to play the first Final Fantasy Tactics game. I love Final Fantasy (for the most part) and I love strategy games, so it seemed a sin that I haven’t tried a combination of the 2 yet. I almost bought a PSP over a DS just to play a few particular titles and the Final Fantasy Tactics re-make was one of those titles. But I’m really glad I went for the DS in the end, I’m having a lot of fun with it. Professor Layton and the Curious Village, I took a break from my other game and started this last night. I’m delighted with it, I love the animation style and I love the puzzles.


One of the reasons I own SO MUCH MANGA (I just bought my 979th volume today in fact) is that I keep an eye on deals. Oftentimes long series have the first few individual volumes of the manga available for dirt cheap used through Amazon sellers. The end result is a manga that costs less then $5 even after shipping. I’ll buy these manga volumes to trial run a plot to see if I want to invest in the rest of the series. That was the situation when I bought The Queen’s Knight 1-3 and Rozen Maiden 1 pictured above. I just finished reading The Queen’s Knight and I’m smitten with this super girlie series. However much to my agony I JUST realized that Tokyopop has delayed the further release of volumes from this series indefinitely! AGH! NO! What’s worse is that I can’t find any scans online of the last few volumes.


‘I’m in despair!’ There is nothing worse then knowing the entire series is released in Japan but due to troubles with the US distributer you can’t get the last volumes! I tried to e-mail Tokyopop to petition to get this series back on track. I haven’t read Rozen Maiden yet, that’s next.


These were pure impulse buys. These are all games I was slightly curious about but wasn’t willing to spend any significant amount of money on, all thogether they cost me $25 total. Puyo Pop Fever…why did I buy that game? Because they played it on Genshiken and it looked so darn cute and fun. Why Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles? Beacuase I’m a bit curious about how those with the Gamecube experienced Final Fantasy, I was never jealous that people with GC had this game but at $7.99 I decided I wanted to play around with it since the Wii is backwards compatible. Baten Kaitos had decent reviews/ratings from RPG fans, this was the most expensive game of the 3 at $9.99, this game was pretty much in “like new” condition.

7 Responses to First Haul of December

  1. Persocom says:

    *looks at my mere 3 DS games* Yep, I really need more games… Rozen Maiden manga, cool, I wouldn’t mind getting that, is it the only volume out right now? I really need to get a FF game for the DS, since my PS2 is STILL at my moms XD

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    @ persocom – I think all of Rozen Maiden is released. Not sure though, I just bought the first volume since it was $1 + shipping and I was curious about the series. My DS collection has grown in leaps and bounds, I need to show a little more restraint but there are just sooooo many new games I want to try!

  3. Otaku Dan says:

    thanks for making me feel poor, jk. are you really going to play those six games during your break and have you finished Pokemon Diamond?

  4. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Dan – Haven’t started Diamond yet, this break I’m going to work on Professor Layton and The World Ends With You first and after I’m not sure what. Even though I’m on “break” I’m still stuck working 8-5 so I only get in a few hours of gaming a night + weekends. In 2 weeks I’ll have like 10 days off in a row though and will get to be a gaming potato all day, mmmm can’t wait. All those games aren’t just for break, I just happened to buy them during sales during this time. I take the DS with me on business trips too.

  5. phossil says:

    Both Final Fantasy games (DS and NGC) are very cool.

  6. Blowfish says:

    The Save System of Baten Kaitos is EVIL!
    I once couldnt finish halfway through because of it and never touched it again since then since i dont wanna replay all of it. meh

  7. meronpan says:

    ah baten kaitos… i totally got that game because i was intrigued by the card battle system. i never actually played any card games like magic the gathering but i had hoped that the battle system in baten kaitos would sort of emulate that type of play – planning your deck, strategies around combination of cards and such… unfortunately going in with that expectation left me sorely disappointed, as the cards were pretty much just glorified icons for attack. ok, well maybe there was more to it than that but i had hoped even just simple sort of cards, like, ’causes next attack to do extra fire damage’ or ‘nullifies an opponent’s attack’ etc.

    Ah well, battle system expectations aside, I think I generally liked it? man, that came out sooo long ago, hard to remember ^^;;

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