First Semester is DEAD! Long Live Video Games!


MWAHAHAHAHA! Just finished my first semester of Grad School! From now until January 9th all I HAVE to think about is my job and fun! Having 5:00pm – 10:30pm completely obligation free is seriously the best feeling in the world. One could argue that in college/high school you can technically have a lot more free time…BUT its not guilt free time! There is always some assignment or paper hanging over your head that you should start that ruins the fun time a bit.


When school started I gave up playing video games for a while. I know I know, how could I give up video games!? The thing is I LOVE Anime,Video Games, AND Manga and I couldn’t really be involved with all 3 since my free time was cut in half (if not more). And since my video games are usually at least 40 hours with an involving plot I decided it was best to hold off on video games rather then playing them in spurts of 45 minutes, or so, every once in a while over the semester.


Currently I’m completely enchanted by The World Ends With You and will definitely be writing a review when I’m done. I know that there are already soooo many positive reviews of this game out there right now, and adding on mine won’t make much more of a difference! But I need to for my own sake because I need to express how much I LOVE this game! I used to play World of Warcraft (yes I played WoW hardcore once upon a time…I was a pretty bad friend during that time) and I’ve known people to cancel their account to stop them from playing during times of high stress studying. Have any of you ever had to go cold turkey on a hobby to dedicate more time to school?


I want to play Persona 3: FES but I find it increasingly hard to force myself to sit in front of a TV to play games. It’s so much comfier to lay out on my bed with my cute little DS in my hands, I never thought a handheld could be so appealing. I haven’t been able to play too many games on it yet because I got it just a few months before school started. I only have played 2 games to completion so far (Summon Night: Twin Age, and Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney).


Expect many more figure reviews during this time. I’ll be going out and buying better light bulbs soon too. I actually had a review on my Haruhi/Yuki EX Live Sega figures all ready to go when I noticed that they weren’t actually holding their guitar and bass!? So I glued it into their hand and I want to re-take pictures because they look much better actually holding their instruments. I imagine some of you are cringing at the thought of introducing glue to a figure but they look dumb not actually grasping the guitar.


8 Responses to First Semester is DEAD! Long Live Video Games!

  1. Panther says:

    Studies. One wonders if we can apply all of what we learn, when most of the time, 50% or more of what we learn in school hardly prepares us for the real world and real work outside.

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Panther – A degree is pretty much just a piece of paper, it’s a dumb but necessary formality in order to get certain jobs. I’m impressed that you said even 50% of what we learn is relevant/useful, I use far less then that. Plus honestly…personality is everything when it comes to getting jobs and being promoted, it seems like the only way around that is to be so brilliant that they’ll overlook an unapproachable personality. Waitressing for 4 years helped prepare me for the real world more then anything.

    I do admit in some careers your education is EVERYTHING and you really need it, after all no one just immediately knows how to be a doctor/lawyer, etc…

  3. kazearashi says:

    My semester has just finished a few weeks ago too… =D And I’m currently on Holiday FOOO~ xD Let’s have fun! ^^

    I have tried to dedicate myself to school studies but it just doesn’t work… Cannot do without Anime, Manga, Games and probably my ultimate distraction… INTERNET… lol

  4. meronpan says:

    omedetou~ ^_^

    during my college years i had lots of time to waste/study so there was never a need for dropping gaming completely for any meaningful period of time. on the other hand i wasn’t really very active with anything besides getting through each of my classes…

    thank goodness wow wasn’t out during my college years. i woulda had to drop out ^^;; what class did you play? i raided as a priest on khadgar… we never made it past the twin emps thou…

  5. lovelyduckie says:

    @ meron – Sounds like you and I stopped about the same time. We beat Twin Emps a few times but we didn’t have them down pat, they were the last boss we could beat in AQ 40 before I left. We could clear all of BWL easy though. I was an undead Warlock on Mannoroth and I quit right before Burning Crusade. I had full tier 2 and some 2.5 items when I stopped.

  6. I’m still in high school and winter break doesn’t come for two weeks. ;_; I wish I had some guilt-free time.

  7. phossil says:

    Let the games BEGIN!!!

  8. Rin says:

    I have a lot of games I need to finish…so many games I can’t play due to school…argh…

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