Talho (Eureka Seven) Griffon



This is Talho from Eureka Seven, the figure is made by Griffon Enterprises. I’ve actually never really been interested in Eureka Seven even though I’ve heard generally positive things about it. Why? #1 the girl that seems to be the main character doesn’t intrigue me (looks-wise) and #2 I’m generally not a sci-fi sort of gal (although there are ALWAYS exceptions). BUT…I saw this figure and became a bit interested in the show because of it. I really like the character design of Talho, she manages to be very sexy without being slutty (in my opinion). I also like that she isn’t over-accessorized, her style is simple. Her pose is assertive and her face contrasts that well by being beautifully calm, I’m a big fan of figures of confident/prideful characters. I have no idea about any aspects of her true character, but I look forward to learning about her when I watch the show. 



When I buy a figure of a character I don’t know, that usually means I’m intrigued by their design and will most likely be trying the show out very soon. I often find myself finding favorite new shows because a figure was announced that intrigued me. I will admit the sculpt and paint job isn’t perfect, after looking at my pictures close up, I noticed a few mold lines and some paint that wasn’t as crisp and perfect as I had thought. But despite this I absolutely adore this figure. She has a beautiful stomach and the pose compliments that well, I even think it’s cute that her skirt is partially undone (usually I dislike that unless the character is wearing a bathing suit).



I really like how her hair is at the ends. Rather then just lump the hair together evenly, it sticks out in pieces that frame her face/head well. I think the utility belt is darn cute and I’m glad she isn’t actually wearing it, I think it looks much better being held behind her like this then actually around her waist.



Can I just say I ADORE her back! I don’t know why but I think her back just looks realistic and sexy! I love figures of characters where you can just tell they’re a natural beauty!

6 Responses to Talho (Eureka Seven) Griffon

  1. Persocom says:

    I haven’t seen Eureka Seven, but perhaps I’ll give it a try one of these days when I can’t figure out what else to watch. This figure does look pretty cool. I’m kind of curious to her personality as well. Love the way she’s sculpted her back is definitely the highlight, also like the face.

  2. Claudette says:

    Eureka 7 it´s a great show, I generally dislike anime about mechas, but in Eureka 7 the mechas aren´t the central part of the show. You MUST wath this anime.

  3. Panther says:

    E7 I heard is a great show and it has been on my backlog for ages now, though I only saw one episode I prefer Talho in the anime. It is doubtful a better figure of her will be released though.

  4. what can i say, the could do better i guess

  5. phossil says:

    Yeah! I watched the series and I really like it!! Talho and Eureka are the best and this figure proves it. ^_^

  6. Rin says:

    Really nice!!!
    I liked the series…it was pretty cool!!!!
    The pictures are really nice!!!!!!

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