Talho (Eureka Seven) Griffon

December 4, 2008



This is Talho from Eureka Seven, the figure is made by Griffon Enterprises. I’ve actually never really been interested in Eureka Seven even though I’ve heard generally positive things about it. Why? #1 the girl that seems to be the main character doesn’t intrigue me (looks-wise) and #2 I’m generally not a sci-fi sort of gal (although there are ALWAYS exceptions). BUT…I saw this figure and became a bit interested in the show because of it. I really like the character design of Talho, she manages to be very sexy without being slutty (in my opinion). I also like that she isn’t over-accessorized, her style is simple. Her pose is assertive and her face contrasts that well by being beautifully calm, I’m a big fan of figures of confident/prideful characters. I have no idea about any aspects of her true character, but I look forward to learning about her when I watch the show. 

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