Dark Saber (Fate: Hollow/Atraxia) Alter



This is Dark Saber from the game Fate: Hollow/Atraxia, you may also be familar with Saber from Fate: Stay/Night. I’m actually only guessing she appears in this outfit in the Atraxia game. I’m afraid I only know Saber from the anime Fate: Stay/Night and this outfit was certainly not worn in that series, maybe the game? The figure is by Alter and was unique because I believe the Retail Price was quite low (for Alter), initially she retailed at about $40 and I believe I bought her for only $30 several months ago from one of my stores. Since I’m a Saber fan I was very pleased to find such a reasonably priced figure of her.



I really appreciate the unique approach this figure took to the look of Dark Saber, a lot of the Dark Saber figures really make her look scary. I like this serene Dark Saber in such a cute girlie/gothic outfit. She is currently my favorite figure of Saber. My only complaint about how she looks is the color choice of the base, if they were going to go with yellow it should be a more subtle yellow that matches her eyes. I personally think a red/clear base about the same tone as the red engravings on her sword REALLY would have been what made this figure really pop. I should note that when I go to grab the figure she slips off her legs and base very easy so I need to grab her carefully at the bottom of the base and around her body at the same time.



Maybe I’m not pushing hard enough but I cannot get the torso on the Saber figure to push any further down when I take off her skirt. You see I get nervous about accidentally forcing my figures to do things they weren’t meant to. But I’m also starting to think that the disgustingly large gap may be there so the two layers of the skirt flow right when she is dressed. If that’s the case then it’s a darn shame because she has beautiful thigh highs, and it’d be a waste. But most likely she can push down further and I’m too much of a worrywart. Does anyone else out there have her? Can you confirm/deny if she can push down farther? I’ve already pushed as hard as I’m willing to on her.

Do you sometimes feel you handle your figures too carefully?

4 Responses to Dark Saber (Fate: Hollow/Atraxia) Alter

  1. Snark says:

    Sadly, this is one of the many figures that I would like to own, but alas do not =(

    Still, she looks lovely, the yellow base seems a bit off though…

  2. Rin says:

    It’s an okay figure…
    I say compared to other Alter figures that are out…this ones quality is pretty low…
    Nevertheless…this figure is still good…

  3. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Rin – I definitely agree on it being below the usual Alter quality.

  4. phossil says:

    As a Saber fan I must say: This figure has really captured my attention.

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