Admitting Defeat


So I’ve been collecting figures seriously for a while now and I finally got some (shall we say) intervention 😛 . I don’t know how many people keep an eye on my pre-order list but I’ve taken out A LOT of stuff. Although I still clung to a few pricey items, because BY JOVE I will have a complete Haruhi FREEing bunny collection! I more-so went through and cancelled all the smaller items that end up adding up to a lot of money (figmas, nendoroids, etc…). I also grabbed figures/items I started to feel unsure of as more information was released about them.


For example I hate the look of the nendoroid stands that clasp around the entire waist of the character, and I just found out that the Vocaloid Twin Nendoroids have that style stand. To be honest I should have realized that’s the stand style they would have since they both have shorts on. Another example was that I started watching To Aru Majutsu no Index and started feeling like I wasn’t that fond of Index as a character…that effects how I view the figure as well. What I need to do is stop being a collectionist and only buy one figure for every series I love…I won’t achieve that 100% but I’ll try to stick to that a bit better. I think all of the figures above are great figures that any collector would be proud to own…but keep in mind I had to choose between many magnificent figures when I made my cuts.
Please Note: The above has nothing to do with One Piece, Lucky Star, Fate: Stay/Night, Haruhi, or Shining Tears/Wind figures. One can never have too many of figures from those series!

Have any of you out there have had someone in your life come to you and ask you to stop collecting figures for financial reasons? Or maybe they just thought it was a childish hobby and asked you to stop?

My boyfriend asked me to cut back on figures since I wasn’t saving as much money as I should and I was cutting corners in my budget in pretty ridiculous places. I mean I even gave up getting my haircut for a few more months to buy a certain figure. Because I’m a girl it’s easy to put off haircuts but if I wait too long I start to look like a hippie, haircuts for ladies with curly hair is always damn pricey. I’m jealous that men can get $7 haircuts, even if they have to go every 3 weeks or so. LOL I definitely needed someone to pull me back. When I look at stuff to buy I started thinking to myself…”wow that’s about the cost of an Alter figure…do I really need a comforter that bad?”

9 Responses to Admitting Defeat

  1. meronpan says:

    i’m always sad when people have to cancel alter orders since they’re often my favorites ^^; ‘course in the current economy and when it starts to impact your regular spending… you gotta do whacha gotta do!

    No interventions for me yet ^^;; I think I’ve reached a point where my room is pretty saturated and it’s probably hard to identify anything new unless you’re into otaku stuff (roommates are not).

  2. Panther says:

    I got no one really, so I keep my own watch. I canceled a few recently too.

  3. kazearashi says:

    Now I need to think on what to cancel for December…. ><

  4. Rin says:

    Well, I do spend a lot…
    Good thing is I live at home still…so I have some money left over for figures!!!!!
    So many nice figures you cancelled…still, saving up isn’t easy too…
    Interventions…not me…yet…cause my friends are otakus and my family says it’s better then doing drugs…so they’re all okay with it…

  5. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Meronpan – Ahahaha I used to do the same thing with blending more figures into my shelves. My boyfriend doesn’t notice when I get new figures if they’re already on the shelf by the time he gets home. Although since we started carpooling he noticed the large box on the front step.

    @ Panther – How do you decide which you cancel? It seems with you Shining Wind/Tears figures have the highest priority.

    @ Kaze – Good luck with that. It was easier to peel away these figures then I thought it would be. I guess the thought of potentially losing some other figures I REALLY want coming out soon is what motivated me.

    @ Rin – I always try that argument too. I used to buy a lot more clothes so I pointed out if I still bought clothing like I used to that would be worse. Because in a financial emergency people don’t pay top dollar for used clothing from stores like Express and GAP Outlet. If I lived at home I’d be able to afford sooooo many more figures! I really was taking on too many pre-orders for someone who has to pay rent/utilities/medical bills and such.

  6. phossil says:

    Im just a starter in figure collection, but I try not to make expensive buys.
    No intervention for me yet, but I think we must control ourselfs time to time…

  7. Otaku Dan says:

    i have canceled a lot of my preorders because of financial reasons. figure collecting is a very expensive hobby that a lot of otaku spend most of their money on.

  8. Riiana Doon says:

    I can feel you there lovelyduckie, although, I am trying so hard not to cancel pre-orders, but even my paychecks have become nearly worthless as the economy has been so stupid of late. We haven’t cancelled any pre-orders yet, but we just haven’t placed any more orders lately (despite how badly we know we want to)… Someday your bf will understand why you do what you do (I hope)…:)

  9. lovelyduckie says:

    I actually think I’m going to keep Rosalind/Rozalin and send another figure to the chopping block in her place.

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