Your Figure Pet Peeve?


Sometimes figures can do almost everything right and yet you still don’t buy them…why? For me it’s usually because they have one of the few features I can’t stand in figures. For Example this figure of Karen is from a series I actively collect from, she is from a company I love and is almost perfect in every way! She is wearing dark colors with soft flowing grey hair and an amazingly eye catching red sash, not only that but she is currently on sale at my favorite figure store. So what is the one thing about her that makes it so I can’t buy her? CAMEL TOE. I just can’t stand to see Camel Toe, maybe it’s because I’m female and seeing it makes me realize how uncomfy her outfit must be? or maybe because I am female it just doesn’t appeal to me in a sexy way? Well anyway I dislike seeing them in figures. I should note that on Karen having a camel toe is part of her character design and is on most (if not all) figures of her.


Yoko was especially painful to give up because I love the illustration this is based on and I adore Yoko. But I just can’t accept that bulging camel toe. At least there are a lot of other Yoko figures coming out as well.

Some other figure pet peeves of mine:

These are all figures that I would have bought if it hadn’t been for my pet peeves.

Too much underboob (a little is fine)

The line eyes on a lot of the first nendoroids

Eyes that look especially far apart


Although I’ve actually overcome a few pet peeves though, one example is (human) articulated figures (mecha looks fine articulated). I used to think articulated joints were the ugliest things ever, and that the trade-offs of a cheap price and poseability didn’t makeup for the beauty lost. But when Pocco was announced from Revoltech I crumbled…now I own quite a few figmas and 2 more Revoltechs as well.



So, what are your figure pet peeves?

Have you ever overcome a pet peeve for an especially exceptional figure?

9 Responses to Your Figure Pet Peeve?

  1. Panther says:

    Actually, I really have no pet peeves I guess. Except maybe pettanko…and lolies…but those are anime-based dislikes. Since I only buy figures I like, I guess I hardly consider them a peeve.

  2. Snark says:

    Hmm…can’t really think of any…but given that pretty much all my figures are robots, you could say that my figure pet peeve is the human condition >_>

  3. For me it would have to be skirts that don’t look as if they flow naturally. And figures that have funky faces.

  4. Blowfish says:

    hmmm…The only thing coming to my mind is that i dislike too ecchi figures(says the person with Soniko on preorder),lolis and Moe figures but besides that im open for everything.

    I didnt even notice that she has a camel toe.I usually dont notice at all XD

    I think that its alright in her case since it isnt that exaggerated…I guess girls have a different view on that subject tough.

  5. lovelyduckie says:

    I was just thinking I can’t stand Camel Toes but my male Franky (One Piece) figure has a different outline of his own (in his speedo). But I think I’m ok with that just because I love all the One Piece crew members so much. Had that been on any other figure I’d turn away.

    Franky is just too awesome of a character for me to hold this against him. Although I remember my boyfriend’s mother spotting him and going “well he’s interesting…” gah!

  6. phossil says:

    I only have figmas (by the moment) but that Saber nendoroid figure is really hillarious and super kawaii..

  7. Rin says:

    Well, figures for me, if it looks good or from a series I like, I will consider to buy them…
    If it’s overpriced or really expensive, there is no way I’ll buy it…
    Also, the figure must look good…if it doesn’t, I won’t get it…

  8. Blowfish says:


    He seems to have a pretty thin but long dolphin hidden in there XD

    Haha so your “mother-in-law” was interested….Must be the female version of peeking up a figures skirt

  9. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Blowfish – Franky does have quite the body 😛 there is no denying those abs

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