Makoto (Kanon) Max Factory

This is Makoto from the game/anime Kanon, the figure is by Max Factory. I bought this figure at a time where I almost NEVER bought a figure of a character I didn’t know. In fact I didn’t even pre-order her! I saw her come into stock one day and her lovely flowing orange hair just caught my eye. Everything about her just made me smile, and into the cart she went! She sold out pretty quickly after I bought her too, so I was lucky. This was the figure that really made me start to keep an eye on Max Factory, and thank goodness too. Honestly everything Max Factory makes is just done with such great care and understanding of the characters that they may just be my favorite figure manufacturer!

Usually I’m not fond of bent over poses in figures but she makes it look magnificently sweet and cheerful, it’s not over-emphasized at all. Also that hair…my god that hair is so well done, it seems like it may be hard to make hair really look like it’s blowing in the breeze on a figure, but they really nailed it on her. Now I’ve never watched Kanon because I watched Air and didn’t really like the anime at all. What do these two shows have to do with one another? They’re both based on eroge games made by the same people. In Air I hated how large and spread apart the eyes are, but in this figure it doesn’t look unnatural at all. Also in Air the story felt rushed and weakly assembled in the anime, I imagine the plot is a lot more involving in the game.


I love her boots and socks sooooo much! Also the way her foot is arched at that angle looks so lovely and natural! Not to mention the way she is resting her hands on her knees! Pretty much I think this is lovely/unique pose that many other figure companies might have a hard time pulling off as well as Max Factory did. To me this figure has absolutely no flaws.

This is probably the only figure I own that I acknowledge as flawless (in my eyes) yet she isn’t my favorite. Odd huh?

Is your favorite figure based on just the figure or does your love of certain characters from games/shows/manga bias you?

8 Responses to Makoto (Kanon) Max Factory

  1. Dancing Queen says:

    makoto is a favorite of mine, i adore her pose, face and everything. She’s just so pretty and yet so simple. nothing is flashy about her. maybe that’s why she’s so amazing, since she’s so simple it’s easier to focus on making the small details amazing.

  2. Otaku Dan says:

    she is so cute. i like that her pose is so simple but great.

  3. kazearashi says:

    Very cute!!
    I usually look for the pose and the face, whether it’s my favorite character or not is just a plus for it. But yeah they do take part on selecting a figure, If I had to choose over one I most probably choose my favorite character.

  4. Rin says:

    Really nice job on the shoot!!!!!
    Makoto is an amazing figure I do have to say!!!!!
    I bought mine at a local store with Ayu as well…….
    Her figure is one of my top favs too!!!!!!
    I do have to say for your shoot, it needs to be a bit brighter. Maybe add a bit more lighting…

  5. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Rin – I’d love to make a bit a brighter. I know it’s supposedly easy but it seems like every time I try to add artificial lighting I make the figures look bad. Hopefully I figure it out soon.

  6. Blowfish says:

    Makoto is the only Girl from Kanon i really liked.
    Im probably one of the few peeps out there that didnt think of Kanon as a great anime.There were just too many things i didnt like.

    Shes a sweet figure but nothing id put on my shelf ^^

  7. I’ve wanted this one for a long time. But when she was released I wasn’t into Kanon yet. >.<
    I love her boots and socks ❤

  8. meronpan says:

    as you mentioned, air and kanon both started as visual novels by key… i believe that’s pretty much the only substantial link between.

    keep wanting to pick this figure up, though i imagine it’s not easy to find her in stock nowadays. hmm mebbe if i ever get around to planning a trip back to tokyo i’ll luck out and find her in a store…

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