First Haul of November


This haul was technically the last one of October but I’ll bump it to the FIRST haul of November! I can already tell November is going to have at least 3 more delicious hauls! It’ll be a month of goodies! The figures (going counterclockwise) are Mao by Kotobukiya, Yuki EX Live by SEGA, Haruhi EX Live by SEGA, Gothic/Lolita Haruhi by Griffon, Konata Figma by Max Factory, the secret figure from Volume 2 of the Lucky Star Petit Nendoroids of Konata cosplaying as Saber, Kagami Figma by Max Factory, and Belldandy by Kotobukiya. I’m really not sure what my favorite item from this haul might be…I’d call it a tie between my Haruhi/Yuki SEGA set and the Griffon Haruhi. I’m really super impressed with the SEGA figures, they’re darn good quality for the price ($35 for both) and I’ll be doing a review on them quite soon. Also the best part of the Gothic/Lolita Haruhi is that she only cost me about $20 since I used a ToysLogic giftcard I won in a contest on the ToysLogic forums.



Since I probably won’t be doing an individual review of the One Piece Thousand Sunny trading figure ship by Bandai I’ll focus on it in this haul. The whole ship cost me $27.99 from ToysLogic and I admit this is more of a toy then a figure (although it could be argued that all figures are toys). It’s pretty interactive, if you hit a button by the wheel a missile thing shoots out of the lion’s mouth. All the other smaller transportation vehicles they have in the series (the boat, submarine, and such) are stored in the hull and easily come out. Not all the pieces can be used on the ship at once though, the indoor scenes (like the fish tank) have to be stored elsewhere if you display it as I have it below. Each section of the ship is in separate boxes and require you to put on some stickers and have some minor assembly. 


And TAH-Dah! It’s done! My only complaint is that the crew members fall over easy cause their bases are so small. The ship should have more stations that I can insert them onto a peg so they stay stable. Each box comes with a piece of candy. I don’t know about you guys but I feel sketchy eating candy that came with a figure from Japan. I remember I used to get a lot of candies that looked like grey chiclets that I would throw out.

Do you eat the candy that comes with your trading figures? If yes, how is it?


Duckie I keep CLOSE track of your hauls and I KNOW you already have a Konata Figma!

You darn stalker, that figma is indeed my 2nd Winter Uniform Konata. she is for my desk at work to go next to my Revoltech Yotsuba. I stare more at my 2 figures in my office at work then any I have at home so I think it’s a worthwile investment. Plus Konata/Yotsuba are work friendly figures. If you’re curious I also have 2 Petit Nendoroids (Haruhi and Kyon’s Sister) and a Walle for figures at work.

Duckie..aren’t you supposed to be working hard on your business trip right now?

Work is hard…go away.


6 Responses to First Haul of November

  1. kazearashi says:

    oooh, nice sunny go! xD and nice loot ^^
    Speaking of one piece I can’t wait for the next chapter this weekend… :3

  2. phossil says:

    The One Piece boat set looks very cool

  3. Fariz Asuka says:

    Wow! That is alot of figurines you have this month.. I only have enough money for one or two of them.. Need to work more often from now on.. -_-;;

    BTW, that is a unique One Piece boat.. ^^

  4. The One Piece set looks so awesome!
    I use to eat the candy that came with Pokemon figures. They weren’t great, but they weren’t bad either.

  5. Q says:

    Hahaha I remember helping my friend to get that ship for him in a local shokugan shop!

    The sweets/candies from shokugan toys are generally just bonus/omake stuff, so they’re never expected to be exceptional 😛

  6. Kairu Ishimaru says:

    I envy you.

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