First Haul of November

November 5, 2008


This haul was technically the last one of October but I’ll bump it to the FIRST haul of November! I can already tell November is going to have at least 3 more delicious hauls! It’ll be a month of goodies! The figures (going counterclockwise) are Mao by Kotobukiya, Yuki EX Live by SEGA, Haruhi EX Live by SEGA, Gothic/Lolita Haruhi by Griffon, Konata Figma by Max Factory, the secret figure from Volume 2 of the Lucky Star Petit Nendoroids of Konata cosplaying as Saber, Kagami Figma by Max Factory, and Belldandy by Kotobukiya. I’m really not sure what my favorite item from this haul might be…I’d call it a tie between my Haruhi/Yuki SEGA set and the Griffon Haruhi. I’m really super impressed with the SEGA figures, they’re darn good quality for the price ($35 for both) and I’ll be doing a review on them quite soon. Also the best part of the Gothic/Lolita Haruhi is that she only cost me about $20 since I used a ToysLogic giftcard I won in a contest on the ToysLogic forums.

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