Mikuru – Version 1 (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) Max Factory

This is Mikuru from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, the figure is by Max Factory (MF) and is the first of the 2 versions made of Mikuru by MF. I had started collecting the MF Haruhi ladies a bit late in the game and had already given up on getting her at a reasonable price. On eBay I saw nothing but auctions in the hundreds. Luckily MF was coming out with another cute version of Mikuru, so I resolved to just be content with that one. BUT when I got an offer for sale of $70 for this figure in new condition…how could I say no? That isn’t much more then her original retail price.

Initially I didn’t want this Mikuru because I prefer a cheerful looking Mikuru, even though I suppose that’s more out of character then her worried look. I usually don’t like a figure of a character that looks embarrassed cause then I get embarrassed too just looking at her bashful expression…weird huh? Anyway I decided her look was more hesitant then embarrassed, plus I think her hair looks absolutely amazing in this figure. I like how her hair spreads out and separates at the tips so it has more flow. Until I got this figure I never realized how much this outfit Mikuru wore in the video looks like the waitress outfit one of those German ladies that serves beer.

The only annoying thing with this figure is that since she is a bit bent over it’s hard to appreciate everything about this figure unless she is at about eye level. She also looks distinctly different from the rest of the set so she sort of stands out as “the figure that doesn’t belong” since all the other figures have matching outfits. But she’d probably stand out less if I displayed Yuki in her witch outfit. Although her standing out isn’t really a bad thing, just something I noticed. If I had Yuki in her witch outfit, Haruhi holding her megaphone, and mikuru in this outfit all next to each other it’d be like I was re-enacting the play for the video.

I think that this is THE CLASSIC Mikuru figure to own. But I also think her 2nd version has its wonderful merits and you can’t go wrong with either Mikuru figure. It’s just whether or not you’re willing to shell out a bit extra for this version or not. I’ll be doing a review later on version 2 with comparison photos.


5 Responses to Mikuru – Version 1 (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) Max Factory

  1. Otaku Dan says:

    I really the Max Factory Mikuru figure but she is so hard to find at a fair price

  2. acesan says:

    Berry Kyutoo figure ^_^. I still live in hope they re-issue all the Max Factory Haruhi figs – I got into figure collecting late -_-

  3. phossil says:

    I like this Mikuru figure a lot.
    Im curious why Asahina-san looks a little sad in her face?? mmm, maybe she misses Haruhi…

  4. meronpan says:

    Her expression wasn’t a favorite of mine either, but I think it captures a key part of her character (i.e. the poor, embarrassed mikuru that haruhi is bullying)… so that + having a complete max factory set sealed the deal for me.

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