October Haul #2

So this is my 2nd Haul of October! I’ve definitely been having a haul drought lately because I’ve been behaving myself a bit better on spending my money (but only a bit). Although I will probably have one more haul before the end of the month, so if you’re bored by the sight of all the manga/books in this haul, wait a couple days and I’ll have a magnificent haul of figures! Mwahahahahaha oh I can’t wait!

In the picture below it’s mostly Shoujo manga, but the title on the upper left sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s the one wrapped in plastic with one of those ugly Parental Advisory stamps on the cover . It’s the first volume of a Ghost Talker’s Daydream. It’s about an albino named Misaki Saiki who is a young woman with a troubled past and just so happens to be professional dominatrix in one of Tokyo’s most exclusive S&M clubs despite being a virgin…am I forgetting anything…OH YES she can communicate with ghosts! I had heard of this title years ago when the anime DVD was released and was disgusted because the whole thing seemed PURELY for fanservice (fanservice doesn’t bother me but it needs an enticing plot too). But I read an excerpt from this manga in a magazine and became interested in it. Ever since I’ve finished Ghost Hunt I’ve been desiring more anime/manga ghost tales.

The rest of the manga titles are Skip Beat! Vol. 15 (my current FAVORITE manga series), Platinum Garden Vols. 1-2 (something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now), and Boys Over Flowers Vols. 30-32 (this series is finally getting close to the end). I order my manga off Amazon since it’s buy 3 get the 4th free on almost all titles, with free shipping. Although the 2nd volume of Platinum Garden had a worn/stained cover so I’m returning it for another volume. Call me picky but if I’m paying the new price it should look new, this volume may be new but it looks like it was dropped and stored somewhere dirty.

I’m a casual fan of Eragon, it feels like Harry Potter…except I can easily guess all the plot twists. That’s one thing I fiercely admired about the first 6 Harry Potter books, I always guessed what/who was responsible for the mysteries completely wrong. So since I liked Eragon I read the 2nd book and now I bought Brisinger (the 3rd and I believe final book?). The book on the right is The Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Wind a light novel written by Fuyumi Ono, it’s the 2nd book in The Twelve Kingdom series. I had watched the anime 12 Kingdoms (it’s based off these light novels) and I hesitantly bought and read the first book. I thought the book was LEAGUES better then the anime! It had everything I loved about the anime and didn’t have the only two things that bothered me in the anime, the characters Ikuya Asano and Yuka Sugimoto. These light novels are released once a year in March by Tokyopop which is a bit too slow considering they’re all already written. Two volumes a year seems far more reasonable.

This is Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia and was an impulse buy, I started playing around with Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin and was pretty delighted with it so I went ahead and pre-ordered this title. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book (or game) by its cover but I’m really excited about this game because I really like the look of the 2 characters on the cover. That girl especially has an amazing look and weapon.

This figure is of Talho from Eureka Seven and is made by Griffon. I had noticed this figure a while ago and admired it, I looked around for it but was only able to find it at OtakuFuel for a fairly steep price (was either $70 or $80) and decided I needed to pass on it at that price, expecially considering I haven’t even seen Eureka 7. One day I was (innocently) adding a Rin Figma to an order that would ship soon and saw OtakuFuel had a new “Super Sale Items” section and saw her at $49.99. I knew she was mine! Talho is soldout now but the section is still worth looking over. The only drawback to their new sale section is that you can’t combine the sale items with any other item at checkout in their words “All super sale items must be purchased separately for us to honor the super sale price.” Oh the free prize OtakuFuel gave me for buying Talho was a Hello Kitty Pez dispenser…not really that exciting but it’s extra free stuff so who cares.

I’ll do a review on Talho in the next 2 weeks.

6 Responses to October Haul #2

  1. Otaku Dan says:

    you got the game I want, I heard that it is one of the best Castlevania games for the DS

  2. Blowfish says:

    A big YAY for Castlevania! Its one of my favorite series out there!
    I cant wait to get that game into my hands

  3. Snark says:

    Wow, that was a good deal for Talho! I’m jealous!

    Heheh, I remember reading a scantalation of Ghost Talker’s Daydream a few years back, and it had a fairly decent story…the fanservice does seem to become more and more frequent as it progresses though…

  4. Persocom says:

    Nice, I especially want to try out that DS game. My wife was just looking at the site today and saying we should look for it.

  5. phossil says:

    Castlevania…and for the DS!! cool game!!

    I was interested in Talho figure too but I did decided not to buy it..

  6. Riiana Doon says:

    Yes, I did tell Persocom-san we should get Castlevania for NDS…:D I as well loved the look of the girl character, and I remembered all the times Persocom-san had talked about playing the original Castlevania, so yes, me wants to see it now.:D:P Must wait to get our funds back in order a bit, but will definitely get. Also have a few more pre-orders coming, so that will sap things a little as well… Can’t wait to get though:D… also love the Talho figure, but i’d like to see the anime first before getting….

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