October First Haul!

My first haul of October!! This was another exciting haul for me! First up at the bottom are the Lucky Star Volume 2 Petit Nendoroids. I was horrified at first to find that not only was repeat nendoroid taken out but my ‘secret figure’ as well! But I called ToysLogic and it turned out to be an accident that the secret figure was taken out and will be sent to me in my next haul! YAY! The whole excitement of the set was taken away by the thought of missing the secret figure, ESPECIALLY since it’s of Konata cosplaying as Saber!! Usually I’m not so attached to the secret figure but when it comes to Petit nendoroids you usually get the entire set and the figure if you buy a whole box. It makes me happy how generous GSC is about helping those who want the whole set and don’t want to buy a lot of repeats accidentally. I had an easier time assembling Volume 2 than volume 1…I wonder if it’s because I’m better at putting together petit nendoroid or because the design is easier to assemble now?

On the bottom right is Nico Robin from the anime One Piece, the figure is by Megahouse. With this figure I now have every (released) Megahouse figure of the Straw Hat Crew! I do love this outfit but I would have preferred the figure be of Robin’s Enies Lobby or Thriller Bark outfits, I like those better BUT I still like this outfit a lot. Robin can pretty much do no wrong when it comes to her outfit choices.

On the bottom left is Kureha from the videogame/anime Shining Wind, the figure is by Kotobukiya. This figure is even more beautiful than I had anticipated. By far the best of all the Shining Kotobukiya figure releases so far (for me). I have all the rest of the Kotobukiya Shining ladies together in one spot but I put Kureha in a special spot separate from them. Do you always keep a set of figures together or do you tend to spread them out all over your shelf?

Sick of seeing pictures of hauls that seem to be made up entirely of figmas? Ya me too but I still can’t resist these little suckers so they continue to be major parts of my hauls. Figmas really truly embody/capture favorite characters how the fans see them, plus they’re probably everywhere in haul photos because they’re so darn affordable. The two figmas on top are Konata and Tsukasa from the anime Lucky Star, the figmas are by Max Factory. I had actually already envisioned how I would display these figmas before I got them but I ended up changing my mind once I had them in my hands. I’m so thrilled with Tsukasa and Konata I’d be happy even if I didn’t get anymore of the crew. They just look so cute standing next to each other.


Reviews/Images of Robin and Kureha will be up this week.


4 Responses to October First Haul!

  1. Panther says:

    I usually keep them together in the display cabinet lol. But the grouping nowadays is messy. I also chose Max Factory’s Kureha over Koto’s, but the latter is releasing all the figures I want out of Wind. :\

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    I have the MF Kureha as well 😉 there is no such thing as too much Kureha, she is a GORGEOUS character. I’d have bought the President Japan Kureha too if she wasn’t so pricey. One Kureha that retails at $90 is enough for my collection…unless one by Alter comes out, in which case I clearly need another $90 Kureha. The Kotobukiya one only cost me $35 through Koto’s US division.

  3. meronpan says:

    damn, you always have lots of goodies coming in, i’m so jealous! 😛

    i’m continually tempted to pick up a kureha, despite having no exposure to her character besides figures… gweh, i’m sure i can afford just one hmmm…

  4. phossil says:

    Lucky Star Nendoroid figures looks hilarious..

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