Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei – Review Blurb

September 21, 2008

Quick Summary

Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei (Goodbye Mr. Despair) is a show about a teacher named Nozomu Itoshiki who interprets everything in life in the most negative light possible. In the opening of the series Kafuka Fuura comes across him trying to hang himself from a tree and saves him (although she nearly kills him in the process). It turns out that she is an individual that sees everything in the most positive light possible. Throughout the series each episode focuses on some part of Japanese culture or human nature and we witness Nozomu’s negative interpretation as well as Kafuka’s positive interpretation. The result is an anime thats a wonderful satire on everything in Japanese culture (yes including a lot of anime references).

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Good Smile Company Flaws Part 2

September 19, 2008

What a dilemna! I LOVE petit nendoroids but they seem to be spitting in my face lately. I happened to get 2 orders of petit nendoroids in 2 weeks and both had a defective figure!

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Cheap Solutions to Displaying Figures – Part 1

September 18, 2008

(This picture is old now, I’ll take detailed pics of my current collection eventually)

It’s no secret that I buy a lot of figures, the only problem is once you acquire a lot of figures you need to start setting aside funding for more ways to display those figures. But if you’re not careful you may end up spending more on your cases then what your collection is worth. Seems like all figure addicts swear by Ikea’s Detolf glass display cases. Apparantly they’re the best bang for you buck for a figure case, they cost $60 for a 5′ 4″ high glass case with 4 levels, the width is under 1′ 6″. I own a lot of figures and a glass case of this size is a REALLY space inefficient way for me to display figures. It’s too short and thin for my tastes…I’d need like 5 of these suckers all lined up to get anywhere with displaying my collection. Also even though I buy a lot of figures…I’m actually a cheapskate that can’t bare to spend any money that is not either going towards a manga to read, a game to play, or a figure to stare at.

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Enma Ai (Alter) Hell Girl

September 18, 2008

This figure is of Enma Ai from the anime Hell Girl (Jigoku Shoujo). The figure is by Alter. The figure is a little on the small side but only cost $45 (yes, that is a good price for Alter quality). I actually was really mad when I first saw this figure!! WHY OH WHY didn’t Alter do a figure of Enma Ai in her Kimono!! I almost didn’t buy it because of that outfit preference. I have a huge fetish for traditional Japanese clothing on my figures. Although you’d be surprised how few Japanese figures exist that actually satisfy this fetish.

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Usopp/Sogeking (Megahouse) One Piece

September 17, 2008

This figure is of Usopp dressed as Sogeking, the figure is by Megahouse. Usopp is from the (amazing) anime/manga One Piece. Before I begin babbling about this figure let me say that unless you have a love for One Piece and its amazing character crew you will most likely dislike this figure. I can’t imagine that there is anyone out there that would impulsively buy a figure that looks like this unless they knew and loved the character. Now 🙂 I will begin to shower this figure with the immense praise I think it deserves.

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Anime Character Goal Crossword Puzzle

September 16, 2008

Guess the anime characters’ names based on their goals. 

 I’m torn on how I should give the answers to all my puzzles…I don’t want to accidentally spoil the solving fun for anyone.

September Haul Part 3

September 15, 2008

September Haul Part 3!! As you can see this haul is kind of half artbooks and half figures. Staring with the top picture on the lower right is the Art of FullMetal Alchemist, this one is the first volume, I have no intentions of buying the 2nd volume unless I find it dirt cheap. I bought this one because I’m currently on a FullMetal Alchemist high. I read volumes 1-16 of the manga this month and am completely addicted and elated that the manga is so superior to the anime. Plus I think this volume cost me $1 + shipping, who can say no to an artbook from a series they love for only that much money? This artbook has an interesting spin compared to all my others…the manga artist actually points out all the mistakes made in each drawing. It was interesting but I almost preferred not to see the mistakes. I’m very fond of this manga-ka, you know how throughout a volume of manga the manga-ka will add in personal notes or cartoons of their own? I usually ignore them. But this manga artist…is so interesting that I look forward to the side panels and jokes as much as I look forward to the awesome plot.

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