Haruna (Shueisha) To Love Ru

This figure is of Haruna from To Love Ru and is by Shueisha. This is only my second Shueisha figure (my first one being Moka of Rosario+Vampire) and this figure is a VAST improvement in quality from what I’ve seen so far. The pose is a very cute/shy/femine pose, I really like the pose. I usually dislike short skirts but she makes the short skirt look ladylike and dainty. I also happen to think the To Love Ru uniform is cute and Shueisha did it great justice with their paint job. The skirt is done MILES better then the (similar) skirt Moka wears from Shueisha’s figure line.

Even better then the paint job on her uniform is how well they’ve painted the face. Her eyes are absolutely gorgeous, I love them. Those bright purple purple hues just pull you in. Her expression is well done too. But despite all this, looking at this figure causes me to cringe…why you ask?

That is a BIG ASS base for a figure of this size! It’s an eyesore to me! She arrives already screwed securely into the base. My NUMBER ONE pet peeve in figures is when a figure has a base that is significantly larger than the figure. It not only makes the figure look silly but also takes up too much precious shelf space. Currently I have her displayed with about 3 smaller figures on her base with her so I don’t waste the space…the base is THAT big. The base was not pictured in the prototype pictures, had it been, I assure you I never would have pre-ordered this figure. This is the second time I’ve ordered something loving the prototype pictures only to be horrified by a completely awful base choice. I admit the label with her name is nice but I could live without it if it meant a more petite base. In my mind a large base around a small figure kind of gives the viewer unfulfilled expectations, makes you feel as though something is missing.

Now I have no problem selling figures that I dislike…but I’m between a rock and a hard place over selling this figure. On the one hand every time I look at the figure I cringe a bit over the base…but on the other hand I love everything about the figure except the base. The figure itself completely exceeded my expectations, it’s also the only well done figure of Haruna currently. So I’m keeping her…but if I really start to run out of space my eyes might fall on this figure to sell first.

Does big base bother you? If not, then I HIGHLY recommend this figure.

9 Responses to Haruna (Shueisha) To Love Ru

  1. nanu says:

    I agree, it’s huge. I’m a bit more irked by the name tag though. If I were you I would go so far as to consider making a custom base for it. Is the figure screwed onto the base?

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    Yup she arrived securely screwed into that thing. The box had to be HUGE just so it could fit the base.

  3. Persocom says:

    That’s a bummer, the figure looks great but that base is just hideous. I don’t blame you for being disappointed in it because of the base. It’s even more of a shame it’s screwed into the base…

  4. phossil says:

    The figure looks awesome (the pics too!!)

  5. meronpan says:

    that’s indeed quite a base ^^; i guess i’ll have to put a bunch of nendoroids around or something…

  6. […] As you may have noticed from other reviews, the base is absurdly large! whyyyyyy […]

  7. Storm-Shadow says:

    It’s a relly nice figure, but her face does not remind me of Haruna one bit 😦

  8. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Storm – LOL I sold her since writing this review 🙂 she is one of the very few figures that I’ve bought that have gotten the boot. I think I’ve sold 3 figures I felt let down by so far.

  9. […] Lovelyduckie covered her back in september, also lamenting the huge base. […]

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