Nami (Megahouse) One Piece

This is Nami of One Piece, the figure is by Megahouse. There are two PVC figures of Nami by Megahouse, but I only wanted one Nami. I chose this one because I felt it looked the best of the two, both in terms of her outfit and pose. The other figure of Nami is based off an outfit that I don’t believe she ever even wore in the anime, whereas the one I have she definitely wore for an entire story arc. Not to mention she actually has her weapon out in this one and I always favor a figure with a weapon over an unarmed one.

Nami is among the first 3 crewmembers of the Straw Hat Crew, I love the first 3 crewmembers the most (Luffy, Zoro, and Nami). Although I fiercely admire all of Oda’s character creations I think he put the most life and love into the first 3. I initially disliked Nami and her character quite a bit until I learned more about her, once I fully understood her character I completely admired her. This is strange for me because I usually only really like female characters that are very strong and Nami is probably only a little above average in terms of strength, whereas most of the rest of the crew is at an inhumanely strong level. Compared to most of the rest of the crew Nami looks downright feeble.

Another reason I liked this figure over the other was because it has a lot more lovely detail in the outfit. The cargo pants are creased nicely and I like the emphasis on the pockets and belt. I typically try to minimize how many bathing suit figures I have but I don’t mind that she has a bathing suit top in this one. Sanji’s reaction to her outfit in the anime was too amusing to not want this figure.  When Oda designed Nami I think he did a very good job on her shoes, not only do they look comfortable I also think they’re cute and wouldn’t mind a pair of sandals that look like that myself. As a female I salute his fashion sense.

The biggest complaint I hear from fans (male and female alike) against Nami is that her proportions are too ridiculous (the bust to waist ratio is too large). Seems like such a foolish reason to dislike a character that has so much depth and personality, especially when you look at figures with TRULY ridiculous proprtions (…cough…Witchblade…cough). I really like her stomach in this figure and don’t think her proprtions are too insane. One thing I respect about One Piece is that it isn’t only the females that show off some skin in flamboyant outfits, although some of the outfits certain males wear I could probably do without. You’ll definitely see what I mean when I review my Franky Megahouse figure.


8 Responses to Nami (Megahouse) One Piece

  1. phossil says:

    Cool Nami figure and great pictures!!
    do you have any other One Piece figures?

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    Oh yes 🙂 I consider my One Piece figures the heart of my collection because not only are they well done figures but they’re also of the characters I like the best. I don’t own EVERY One Piece figure but I own quite a few. From Megahouse I own Franky, Chopper, Usopp, Sanji, Nami, Luffy, Zoro, Young Luffy, Young Robin, Young Sanji, and my Robin figure is on its way to me in the mail as I type this. I also own a bunch of trading figures from all 3 volumes that have been released by Bandai.

  3. el mike says:

    this review was very, very good!!
    this figures of one piece are awesome, I really liked the detail in every figure of this series.

    I only have a Luffy and a Zoro from the same collection, i want to get all! jajaja

    do you have other reviews about this figures?

  4. lovelyduckie says:

    If you click my figures tab above it will take you to all my reviews. Right now the only other One Piece figures I have up are Usopp and Robin.

    Currently I own the whole crew, but I don’t own all the figures.

  5. After reading through this article, I feel that I need more information on the topic. Could you share some resources ?

  6. Norin says:

    The First Nami figure has the outfit she uses for the Skypiea part and the Second figure has the outfit she uses in Water 7 I like the second figure, I think she looks hotter than in the other and I thin the face has a better work and in general is better painted.
    My favorite figures would be Smoker and Sogeking I want those

  7. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Norin – I have a small figure of her Water 7 outfit…I was pretty sure it has her in a yellow bra top and a denim jacket with a yellow small skirt. (See attached picture of my trading figures)

  8. Norin says:

    Lovelydukie, sure that she wears on that part of the series, but it is not the only dress she wears and to be more precise that outfit she wears when they go to Enies Lobby and not exactly in Water 7. I dont know if you have a Nami in a Bikini, that she uses in Water 7 too, after they defeated the CP9 and they are havin a party, that is when she is taken the picture for her Wanted Poster If you remember she changes a lot! Here hope you can take a look at this Someone did a good job spotting when she uses what outfit.

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