Yuki (FREEing) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

This figure is of Yuki from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, the figure is by FREEing. First off I want to say I had lighting issues. I’m still unsure of how I feel about how my pictures turned out but I’m too lazy to re-take 100 pictures and pick out the best ones. There are many reviews out there of Yuki so if you want to find some perfectly lite pictures of this figure it shouldn’t be too hard.

I was pretty hesitant on this Yuki, I thought that of all the FREEing Haruhi girls I’d like her the least…but she is my favorite by far (so far). Why was I so hesitant? I didn’t like how her top kind of had a gap between her cleavage, I thought the original illustration that this image is based off of made it look much better. That combined with the fact that she was the figure standing straight up made me worry she might look awkward (I don’t know why I thought this but I did). But she manages to give her bunny outfit dignity and majesty. She looks amazing in it. Words can’t describe how awesome the white color looks on her, I think the plain white color matches her personality as well as her appearance perfectly.

This is my first FREEing bunny with tights (my first was Kyon’s Sister who doesn’t have tights) and the tights are amazing. It’s hard for me to stop myself from reaching out and touching them all the time. I used to have a strict rule of “NO cloth on figures!” but apparantly I now have a loophole for tights on figures. Yuki comes with extra support you don’t see here, there is a pole that goes into a slot behind HER left foot that has a clear support that can go around her leg. I feel it’s uneccessary and am not currently using it. I avoid extra supports whenever I can get away without worring about if the figure will break.

Now…no review of a FREEing Yuki would be complete without the owner going “She is HUUUGE! Look at how huge she is!” so yes…she is large. Below I have her next to her Max Factory version, and then her Figma, and lastly her Petit Nendoroid. I also put a ruler on her base to give you a more precise idea of how large she is. So if your main issue with this figure is price…just think about how LARGE she is!? 1/4th scale! Thats insane! If you really want to get fancy you could break the price down to the price per centimeter and compare that to other figures you are considering buying. Do I recommend this Yuki figure? HELL YA! Do I recommend her over other figures you’re considering sacirificing to buy her? I don’t know…it depends on what they are and if you have a personal attachment to the character as well as the look of the figure. of all my figures she is the most expensive and that price is nothing to take lightly…if you’re not rich anyway.

3 Responses to Yuki (FREEing) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

  1. meronpan says:

    Is that a mirror base she comes with? i have a feeling she wouldn’t fit in a detolf would she… maybe barely? ^^; gah i must remain strong… ryoko’s my next bunny if any ^^;

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    Someone on my forums commented that she wouldn’t fit into a Detolf case, so they put her on top of it.

  3. […] which has every female character in the series in a bunny outfit, so far (other then Emiri) I have Yuki, Tsuruya, and Kyon’s Sister. Go to the Review of Kyon’s Sister to see the original […]

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