Last Haul of September!

The LAST Haul of September!! This haul is a lot larger then I had initially planned but ToysLogic had a buy one get one half off sale on all in stock figures and I splurged on 2 figures that I had considered just a bit too expensive to be on my pre-order lists…if you know the figure prices of all these figures you can probably guess which 2 right now. That One Piece flag is actually a beach towel, it’s a belated birthday gift for my boyfriend. I’ll probably never get a chance to use it myself since if I’m going to the beach that prob means he is coming too. A girlfriend that buys her boyfriend a Haruhi body pillow AND a One Piece towel? Aren’t the otaku men of the world just too jealous 😉 . I bought that towel and the Pinky at the bottom center from HLJ. I really liked the hair on that Pinky, was very retro, plus her main outfit is delightfully girlie. Not to mention Pinky figures are incredibly affordabe, she cost under $7.

It’s the day after I got this haul and sinfully enough I haven’t finished unwrapping them all! Usually this is unheard of but I’m completely addicted to Vampire Knight anime and just HAD to finish the first season last night before my bf came home and pulled the plug on my ‘girlie anime crap’. Lucky for him it’s rare for me to be addicted to a show that is shoujo.

So going from the bottom right counter clockwise is Reiri Kamura  of Princess Resurrection and the figure was made by Happinet . She was part of my Toyslogic sale splurge. This is actually my first Happinet figure, seems like most of the Happinet figures I see and are interested in are a bit outside my budget. I was really intrigued by this setup, I love Reiri’s pose, long hair and traditional style Sailor Fuku uniform. I love strong female figures and she just radiates a cool/strong aura. I was trying to forget about this figure but she was featured in a recent Anime Insider issue and THEN Toyslogic announced this sale! I knew what I had to do!

Next is Holo of Spice and Wolf , and the figure is by Cospa. This is also my first Cospa figure, I’ve never really seen any figures by them besides this one, but I felt that this was the best Holo figure of all the PVC ones that exist. I didn’t realize how short this character was until I saw it was a 1/7th scale figure. Spice and Wolf is still on my “to watch” list but it’s so high on the list it’ll definitely get watched in the next month. I’ve heard way too many good things about this series and it sounds like it suits my tastes well. This was the other figure I got from the Toyslogic sale.

Next is Mikuru from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, the figure is by Max Factory. So I now own all the MF Haruhi figures, so that means I have two Mikuru figures. I like the hair on the first one more but I prefer the pose and outfit of this one. Plus she compliments Tsuruya so well and Tsuruya is my favorite MF Haruhi figure.

Next is Nono from Gunbuster 2, the figure is by BOME (Kaiyodo) and happens to be Vol. 24. Really BOME’s figures started to get REALLY good towards the end in my opinion, his last few were my favorites. Such a shame no more of these affordable beauties will be coming out! But ya I love this pose and her hair looks spectacular. My deep love of Kyo from Fruits Basket has made me favor beautiful orange hair a lot, maybe even more-so then my love of pink hair.

Next is Komari of Little Busters, the figure is by Kotobukiya. This is probably the only Little Busters figure I’ll ever own. Why? Most figures from Little Busters are either too moe or too sexy for me, also this one happened to be an amazing price. I happen to be a sweets fanatic, I LOVE LOVE candy, there is always a pile of candy on my counter at home! So when I saw such a sweet figure of a girl with a lollipop I wanted it! Plus I like how her long bows contrast her short hair. BUT this figure was a PAIN in my butt to put together! Getting her to hold that lollipop at her mouth and not her nose was incredibly difficult!

Next is Yotsuba from the manga Yotsuba! The figure is from Revoltech and this is the Summer Version. I have the first Yotsuba on my desk at work and this one is at home. I thought I’d like this one more then the first because it has so many more awesome accessories but I still think I like the first one more. I love the motto of Yotsuba thats written on the bases “Enjoy Everything”, I’d love to make that my life motto. Seriously though I think the manga is brilliant, such a simple and pure humor, I love it! Yotsuba is head and shoulders above Azumanga Daioh (by the same author). This better be an anime someday! And ADV needs to stop being idiots and give us more volumes!! I’m dying without volume 6!

Lastly is Lelouch (Figma) and he is from Code Geass, the figure is by Max Factory. This figure was actually supposed to be part of the last haul but there was a mixup. So to make up for it Toyslogic was kind enough to give me a figma with one of those cute little scarfs! The green scarf really looks cute! I haven’t decided what position I’m going to put him in yet.

Reviews later on all these. If there is something you want me to take pictures of sooner post which one you want. It doesn’t matter to me which one I take pictures of first because I love them all!


4 Responses to Last Haul of September!

  1. Panther says:

    Why ze Horo, no good figures of her out yet on PVC. :\

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    This is just my favorite PVC of her. I’m not really fond of the Taki one at all, not to mention I think it’s overpriced. The Kotobukiya one isn’t bad though, especially considering it can be bought for $35 from Kotobukiya USA.

  3. meronpan says:

    you always have such nice hauls! i should probably get those yotsuba revoltechs… absolutely love yotsuba! vol 8 just came out but i’m already done with it ^^;;

  4. picchar says:

    Wah~! I want Nono :3

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