Rider (Good Smile Company) Fate: Stay/Night

This figure is of Rider from the series Fate: Stay/Night, the figure is by Good Smile Company. This is an older figure…I think the release date was 2005? So don’t expect to find her casually on a store web site, the only way to come across this little beauty these days is eBay/Yahoo Japan or maybe a convention. The good news is that there are currently NO KNOWN BOOTLEGS of this figure. These days she sells for about $200 and cost about $55 originally. So unless you’re rich this figure isn’t something you should just buy on impulse. Are you Rider obsessed? Then maybe you should hunt down this figure still but keep in mind that eb Craft is also making a lovely Rider that is also based on her Fate: Stay/Night identity. Griffon also hinted at WonFes ’08 that they may be coming out with a Fate: Stay/Night Rider figure of their own.

This figure is (currently) the only well done PVC figure released of Rider in her Fate: Stay/Night form. There are a few figures of Rider from the game Fate: Hollow/Atraxia but those figures don’t have the same evil, mysterious, and snake-like presence of the Rider we know from Fate: Stay/Night. Of the Fate: Hollow/Atraxia Rider figures one is of Rider in a maid outfit (GSC) and the other is of her in a swimsuit (Alter).

I remember being only partially entertained by Fate: Stay/Night until Rider was introduced. I couldn’t take my eyes off her fluid fighting style and her awesome weapon choice (a large spike on a chain). Not to mention she satisfied my love of long hair on characters. Each warrior in Fate: Stay/Night is a fighting spirit that could not attain the Holy Grail during their actual lifetime…and lets say that Rider is based on a historical/mythical figure that I really REALLY love. The moment I became completely obsessed with Rider was when I looked her up on Wikipedia and read her full back story (which isn’t in the anime), I loved it, it was a wonderfully tragic tale.

I have read a few horror stories over people accidentally breaking the mask. I myself accidentally dropped it and spent an entire day pawing through my rug and bed. I even  moved out all my furniture to look (it turned out that it just flipped under her neck when I tried to remove it and was on the figure the whole time). But anyway her eyes/face are well done in my opinion but I display her with her mask on because thats what makes Rider Rider. Plus my other figures of her don’t even have the mask option.

What is holding Rider to the base? I’m glad you asked. Each strand of hair you see touching the base has a peg on the bottom, so Rider is held on only by her hair (there are no pegs on her feet). I think this is a brillant base design! Not only does it force Rider’s hair to fall in place exactly like in the prototype pictures but it also allows Rider to crouch in a natural way that doesn’t look ugly from pegs or wedges beneath her hands or feet. My only complaint about this figure is…she looks absolutely ridiculous from behind. I think this figure looks best if you can display her right at eye level, this Rider has earned the most prime spot in my entire collection. Her being at eye level allows you to appreciate every detail at its best. If she were too high you wouldn’t be able to see how her hair spreads all over the base and if you put her too low you can’t see her face, just her fanny up in the air.

For me this figure is Good Smile Company’s greatest triumph. GSC will probably make a figure someday that triumphs this one for me…but even so I love this figure. She is one of my prized figures.

4 Responses to Rider (Good Smile Company) Fate: Stay/Night

  1. louki says:

    Awesome review ! I need this rider (maybe for chrismas…)

  2. meronpan says:

    man, such a sexay figure. if i hadn’t preordered myself to death already this review prolly woulda caused me to drop $200 on ebay ^^;

  3. […] up is the always sexy Rider from Fate/Stay Night. I have always wanted the original Good Smile Rider figure but it is somewhat of a collector item making it a little too expensive for my tastes. […]

  4. […] up is the always sexy Rider from Fate/Stay Night. I have always wanted the original Good Smile Rider figure but it is somewhat of a collector item making it a little too expensive for my tastes. […]

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