Enma Ai (Alter) Hell Girl

This figure is of Enma Ai from the anime Hell Girl (Jigoku Shoujo). The figure is by Alter. The figure is a little on the small side but only cost $45 (yes, that is a good price for Alter quality). I actually was really mad when I first saw this figure!! WHY OH WHY didn’t Alter do a figure of Enma Ai in her Kimono!! I almost didn’t buy it because of that outfit preference. I have a huge fetish for traditional Japanese clothing on my figures. Although you’d be surprised how few Japanese figures exist that actually satisfy this fetish.

Despite my disappointment in the outfit choice I still like the figure. I’m spoiled, I get a beautiful figure of a character I adore, it’s a good price, and it’s by ALTER no less, yet I still find a way to feel a bit saddened by it. It’s because this figure is SO well done and SO BEAUTIFUL that I can only imagine the amazingly gorgeous Enma Ai kimono figure Alter is capable of. I still feel like there is hope in getting my dream Enma Ai figure since they’re releasing the 2nd season of Hell Girl. If Alter does release another Enma Ai figure of her (standing) in her Kimono I think this figure would compliment her BEAUTIFULLY! It would be the ULTIMATE combination for me! SOMEDAY! SOMEDAY!!!!

This figure has no flaws that bother me…I can see how the flooring might potentially bother some people. The fact that they took a piece of the floor where the mat meets the hardwood floor, and the base isn’t even a rectangle since the hardwood pieces stick out like that. But I actually like it and think it compliments the figure well. Her expression really captures her well, it’s her typical stoic expression but they tweaked it just enough so you can feel that there is some feelings of sadness beneath her calm exterior. When I look at this figure I’m reminded of when one of Enma Ai’s underlings commented on how her eternal task is slowly and silently grinding away at her heart. It was the episode where the nurse was sent to hell (thats not a spoiler). 

I also think Enma’s hair was especially done well, you can just tell how smooth and silky it is from how its layered in the figure. I also love that I can position her without worrying about giving anyone an eye full of panty, despite her unreserved pose. That’s probably a negative for more then one individual though 😛 . And my FAVORITE FAVORITE feature is that she is sitting down. Beautiful sitting down figures are wonderful additions to my collection. They make layering my rows of figures so much easier since they don’t block much of the figure behind them.

If you want to know more about the anime Enma Ai is from you can go to my review of Hell Girl. I talk more about her as a character there as well. I’ll also say I recommend the anime over the manga, the manga is based on the anime. “When in doubt go for the original” is my motto.


6 Responses to Enma Ai (Alter) Hell Girl

  1. Persocom says:

    She is indeed a beautiful figure. I am anticipating season 3 which is coming out very soon. I share the feelings of disappointment in the choice of clothing as well, and hope that with the third season coming someone will finally put out a kimono version. If they don’t make any new ones I will settle for this one, in fact I might just end up getting it anyways eventually. My collection NEEDS an Enma Ai figure. As far as I know there is only one more version of her out there and I can’t find it anywhere for sale, and it’s still not the kimono, it’s her bath robe.

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Persocom – This figure is still at GCS for $49.99. Thats one of the better prices you’ll find now that its been out a while. Power anime also has her at $52.19 and Entertainment Earth at about $65.

    As for that second figure you mentioned of Enma Ai it’s by Happinet and costs a pretty penny (at least $70 everywhere I saw her). TL has at least 5 in stock though (although I know you dislike using them). Although I don’t believe any bootlegs of this figure exists so you could get it on eBay pretty easily.

    You’re right these are the only 2 figures of Enma based on the anime. But there are two figures based off the live action show as well as an Azone Doll floating around.

    If you ever need help finding a figure let me know, I’ve become a figure hound dog lately. I usually know which stores have what cause I get bored at work.

  3. meronpan says:

    now that i’ve finally caught up wtih both seasons i’m not sure how long i’ll last before i cave in and get this figure ^^; i really do hope they come out with a kimono version though.

  4. John says:

    Hi, does removing the figurine from the original packaging lower its value? I bought an Enma Ai figurine (same as yours, Alter) but have not removed it from the package. Are these so new that the value really isn’t that much? I paid $60 for mine. Thank you very much. (And great pictures, by the way…they convinced me I had to have her! lol)

  5. lovelyduckie says:

    @ John – It’s a rule of thumb for anything, if you keep it “new” in the package it will retain more value. BUT to be honest as long as you keep the figure in good condition (don’t break it) and hold onto the packaging you can still make good money on it should you ever decide to sell on eBay later on. I’ve sold quite a few figures at more then what I originally paid in “lightly displayed”condition, but I’ve also sold a few figures at $10 less then what I originally paid in that condition as well. But these figures were usually by B or C level figure manufacturers like ToysWorks or Shueisha, not A level manufacturers like Alter. Now keep in mind some characters/figures will always sell better then others, but usually Alter figures are in high demand and retain value better (in my experience). The only Enma Ai Alter figure on eBay right now is listed at $99 + shipping to give you an example.

    So it’s my opinion if you’re like me and hate to see your figure in a box just take it out and display it and save the box somehwere. But if you can stand to keep her in the box and are concerned about retaining maximum value then leave her in the box.

  6. John says:

    Thank you for answering my questions, LovelyDuckie! From your explanation, it also sounds like I paid a reasonable price (maybe *a little* on the high side). But it wasn’t easy finding her, either. I will leave her in the box for now. I certainly couldn’t do a better job of photographing her than you did. However, if the urge hits me, it’s nice to know the value won’t lower significantly if I remove her *carefully*. Thanks again, and I enjoyed seeing your pics and reading your descriptions of her figurine!

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