Usopp/Sogeking (Megahouse) One Piece

This figure is of Usopp dressed as Sogeking, the figure is by Megahouse. Usopp is from the (amazing) anime/manga One Piece. Before I begin babbling about this figure let me say that unless you have a love for One Piece and its amazing character crew you will most likely dislike this figure. I can’t imagine that there is anyone out there that would impulsively buy a figure that looks like this unless they knew and loved the character. Now 🙂 I will begin to shower this figure with the immense praise I think it deserves.

I have high respect for Megahouse as a figure manufacturer because I feel that they take characters and try to make a figure that looks exactly like the character we know and love from the anime. They don’t over beautify them, or cheap out on the quality of details in the figure, in doing so I think they create the most realistic figures. Of all the One Piece figures…this Usopp is done the best, now he isn’t my favorite ( Zoro *Swoons*) but…I can’t deny the awesome detail and attention they put into this figure. Not only that but they incorporated Usopp’s joke alter ego (Sogeking) into the figure. Recently Megahouse has started re-releasing all their One Piece (Strawhat Crew) figures and all the re-releases were essentially the same design except for Usopp/Chopper.

The original Usopp/Chopper combo figure is pictured above and I think you can tell from the image above that this current figure is an immense improvement over its predeccesor. Not to mention cute little Chopper now gets his own separate figure. My goal is to collect figures of all the main crew members, and I’m currently only short 2 crew members. I was REALLY close to buying a figure of a supporting character that I love (Ace) but I resisted because once I buy one I’d try to go back and collect every One Piece figure.

My first figure with the option of a battle damaged outfit was one of the glamorous Shuraki vixens. Who’d have ever thought that I would own a male figure with an optional battle damaged outfit too!?! The mask goes on and off very easily, although the little goggles he wears when he doesn’t have his mask on can be lost easily. I recommend putting them in a ziploc bag.

As much as I wanted Usopp’s actual face to be showing I display him as the (undamaged) Sogeking simply because the ridiculousness of Sogeking from the anime was just too awesome.  

Why is Usopp all bandaged? This figure is taken from a certain situation that occurred during the Water 7/Enies Lobby story arc. I have to admit in the anime I never felt that Usopp’s bag was a purse…but as I was putting it on the figure it definitely felt like a purse. Was a weird moment, putting a purse on a figure of a male.

So pretty much I can’t recommend this figure enough…as long as you’re a fan of One Piece and Usopp.

Sogeking’s Hero Song
On the Sniper Island
Where I was born
100 shots, 100 hits
Lu lu la la lu

Even on a mouse’s eye
Even on your heart

The man that came from Sharpshooter Island
Lu lu lu lu lu la la
You better run and hide
Sogege Sogesoge


2 Responses to Usopp/Sogeking (Megahouse) One Piece

  1. otaku dan says:

    sogeking is the coolest character in one piece

  2. Ryan says:

    Just came across your blog after googling for the One Piece figures.

    Where do you get the figures from? There are a number of sellers on ebay, but I’m not sure that I trust them to be originals (they’re almost all china-based)..

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