September Haul Part 3

September Haul Part 3!! As you can see this haul is kind of half artbooks and half figures. Staring with the top picture on the lower right is the Art of FullMetal Alchemist, this one is the first volume, I have no intentions of buying the 2nd volume unless I find it dirt cheap. I bought this one because I’m currently on a FullMetal Alchemist high. I read volumes 1-16 of the manga this month and am completely addicted and elated that the manga is so superior to the anime. Plus I think this volume cost me $1 + shipping, who can say no to an artbook from a series they love for only that much money? This artbook has an interesting spin compared to all my others…the manga artist actually points out all the mistakes made in each drawing. It was interesting but I almost preferred not to see the mistakes. I’m very fond of this manga-ka, you know how throughout a volume of manga the manga-ka will add in personal notes or cartoons of their own? I usually ignore them. But this manga artist…is so interesting that I look forward to the side panels and jokes as much as I look forward to the awesome plot.

(manga-ka = the artist and author of a manga series)

The next artbook is not something you’ll find in regular bookstores, it’s in Japanese and I had to order it from Japan. It’s the 2nd artbook is called Wildflower and is from The Art of Shunya Yamashita. At first I disliked figures from Shunya’s art because they were all too perverted and weird…but…a few figures that were less showy started coming out and I thought they were beautiful.

Shunya is very good at creating elaborate and unique costumes in his art. In 2000, Shunya worked at Square Enix as a character designer for Final Fantasy X as an NPC and weapons designer. Although based on his art I’d like to think he had some influence over FF XII as well. The figures pictured above and below are the figures I own that happen to be based on illsutrations from this art book.

The figure of the girl on the left is Haruna by Piccoro (Pikkoro?) and she is from the anime series To Love Ru. The figure was an impulse buy because I really like the To Love Ru school uniform and I thought that pose was darling. The figure itself lived up to its prototype pictures…but the figure has one HUGE flaw in my eyes and had I known of it before I wouldn’t have bought her. I’ll be doing a review later on.

Next is a figure (well a Figma) that many figure collectors should probably be able to recognize instantly. It’s of Koizumi from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and is by Max Factory. I was REALLY looking forward to Koizumi and I think it’s sad that a lot of figure collectors wouldn’t have bought him if this figure didn’t come with the classroom background. He is the last figma I needed to complete my SOS Brigade from the show. I have all my Melancholy of Haruhi Figmas on top of my bookshelf and seeing them all together in such characteristic poses really makes me happy. I wish that these weren’t the only figures of Koizumi and Kyon.

LAST is the individual picture of this Dark Saber by Alter. This Saber is from the video game Fate: Hollow/Atraxia and I’d love it if this game were turned into an anime soon so I can see Dark Saber in action. I went through a lot of problems to get this figure. I ordered it about a month ago from Kid Nemo because it was in stock at a reasonable price, I was charged a few days later. So a month passed and I hadn’t gotten so much as a shipping notification yet so I asked them what was up…my order was quickly refunded and apologies were sent out. I was outraged…while I was waiting for this figure all the other stores that I also knew and trusted sold out during that time. Hell hath no fury like a woman denied her Saber figure! This incident was the last straw with Kid Nemo and I try to avoid them if possible, I will however use them as a last resort if necessary. I had one very good experience with them, one fairly annoying experience, and then this…those two bad experiences outweighed the good one so I’ve stopped recommending Kid Nemo wholeheartedly to others. I’ll be doing a review on this figure later.


2 Responses to September Haul Part 3

  1. Persocom says:

    You’re the third of so person that’s had problems with Kid Nemo. Unfortunately I secured a pre-order for Bad Witch Yuki figma with them before anywhere else a while back and everyone else sold out, so I’m stuck with them. I haven’t had any spectacular experience with them either, I was forced to email them to find out what was up with my order too, and they had another order that just never finished processing and the item disappeared from stock, I had to find out on my own that it was never getting restocked and they never did cancel the order. I’ve basically had it with Kid Nemo and Toys Logic due to really poorly handled orders and customer service. Glad you finally did get the Saber, and she looks awesome indeed.

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    I got Saber from GCS Toys and Collectibles. It was my first experience with them…and I was really impressed. After ordering her with them I not only immediately got an e-mail re-assuring me that they have her in stock (I asked in comments to be told right away if she was out of stock) but I also had her in my hands in less than a week. The prices of the figures/shipping were reasonable too. My first experience was so amazingly positive that I added them to my list. They don’t have a lot of variety but they seem dependable.

    ToysLogic has yet to mess up my order so I’m good with them. Since they allow me to combine all my orders into only 1-2 shipments a month I let any delays slide. I’m a pretty easy customer to please. As long as I get my figure eventually I’m as happy as a clam. If I’m displeased with the service then there are definite issues with the store.

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