The Beginner’s Guide to Figures – U.S. Figure Stores

When I first dove into the world of figures I was like a lost confused puppy. I didn’t know which stores to buy from or how to tell the difference between bootlegs and the real thing. So, I’m passing on my experience.

The MAIN DRAWBACK to all U.S. Figure Stores I have EVER used is that you will NOT get your figure as quickly as if you had ordered it from Japan. It’s not that each individual store is slow or bad, it’s that the figures have to be shipped from Japan to that store and then from that U.S. store to your home. U.S. figure stores also have to deal with middle men in order to get figures, which may potentially lead to an unexpected delay. Japanese stores have direct access to the figures being released.

However this 1 month delay could also be seen as a positive. What will happen is everyone who ordered from Japan will post reviews of their figures and if there is something I decide I don’t like about the figure I can just cancel it easily. Not to mention you’ll be made aware of any design flaws with figures by reading the lamenting posts of those that have received and broken their figures (examples: Rize (GSC), Yoko (Enterbrain), … etc)

I’ve personally ordered from all the figure stores and have had positive experiences with them all. They all have NO BOOTLEG Policies.

ToysLogic is my primary source of figures, almost all my pre-orders are through them.

  • They Price Match on pre-orders to other (U.S.) figure distributors, so you can usually get figures for the best price.
  • Allow buyers to combine pre-orders into fewer shipments. This saves a significant amount of money on shipping if you order a lot of figures. Although this feature must be requested/arranged via e-mail.
  • A LOT of variety, as long as the item isn’t a Japan Exclusive they can usually get it.
  • They have great customer service, they have their phone number and work hours listed on their web site.
  • Has an amazing forum with a relaxed figure loving community, the people on the forums bend over backwards to help one another. The owner is a very active/personable member of the forum as well.
  • E-mail notifications are sent if there is a delay on a pre-order.
  • They are very lenient on canceling pre-orders, although there are some especially high quality figures that require a 50% deposit (for obvious reasons).
  • All packages have tracking and are safely packaged.

  • Free shipping on orders over $99.
  • Prices are generally very good but they will also occasionally have a pre-order on a figure for a ridiculously awesome price (doesn’t happen too often but it happens often enough that you should keep an eye on them).
  • Can add Japanese Snacks and Manga to your figure order.
  • Every order over $20 gets a free gift (For Example: I bought 20 volumes of manga from them and they gave me another manga for free).
  • Great customer service, they provide their phone number and working hours on their web site.
  • All packages have tracking and are safely packaged.

  • A nice variety of figures that includes Garage Kits and pre-painted kits.
  • A tempting Sale Section, unlike with many other figure stores HobbyFan often actually puts desirable figures in their sale section (For Example: I recently bought the Kotobukiya BMX Rei figure for $13.99).
  • The Lunar Sale, every year they have an amazing sale that is not to be missed! This sale includes pre-order items manufactured by good companies (For Example: I pre-ordered my 12 inch Good Smile Company Saber for only $20 at that sale).
  • They provide their phone number and working hours on their web site and seem to have great customer service.
  • All packages have tracking and are safely packaged.

  • Although a bit less variety then the other stores they occasionally have hard to find figures that linger longer on the web site.
  • Free shipping on orders over $99.
  • Have a highly entertaining and informative weekly newsletter. I recommend signing up for it.
  • They also sell manga and DVDs.
  • All packages have tracking and are safely packaged.

Other US Figure Stores (that I had good experiences with)
Big Bad Toy Store
Entertainment Earth
Free Bento
GCS Toys & Collectibles
Power Anime


2 Responses to The Beginner’s Guide to Figures – U.S. Figure Stores

  1. meronpan says:

    There need to be more posts like this out there ^_^ I remember when I first started collecting and it was really difficult to get more than 1-off recommendations for different retailers.

    my biggest complaint with us based vendors has been a combination of the delays + inconsistencies + lack of communication. Basically, yeah, I’m aware I won’t get my figure until a month or so after all the Japan based stores. Fine, I can live with that. What bothers me is when it goes on longer than that – past the expected ship date. Like a figure will come out in June, the store will say they’ll be shipping it in July… but you don’t hear anything and all of a sudden it’s the middle of August. That’s when the doubt sets in and I start worrying that they didn’t get their expected stock, should I try to get the figure through other means, etc… In these cases, I haven’t found a store that proactively contacts the customer, it’s always me asking if there’s any problems

    if you can get (and accept the risk of) sal shipping, i find that buying from japan based vendors turns out to be similar in price, plus you get the figure when it comes out (especially since i’m in california and the us stores i usually order from are too == sales tax orz)

  2. […] and have made no secret about how much I admired their service in the past, I mean look at my Review of Otakufuel. I also positively gushed about them when they found me the volumes I needed of Basara…but […]

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