Moka (Shueisha) Rosario+Vampire

This figure is of Moka by Shueisha (which is associated with Pikkoro?) and she is from the anime/manga Rosario+Vampire. I’ve read the first two volumes of this manga and I must say I really loved Moka right from the first volume. I love strong female characters and thats exactly what Moka is, she is a vampire, and in the world of monsters, vampires are among the strongest. It could also be said that Moka has 2 personalities, Moka’s true powers are sealed by a Rosario she wears around her neck (her left hand is placed on it in the figure) and once it’s removed her hair becomes silver and her eyes become red. Her personality also becomes that of a harsh warrior. 

Although this figure is of Moka…I really don’t get a Moka feel from this figure, I can’t exactly put my finger on why it doesn’t entirely feel like her but there are a few things I noticed. That serene expression is something her other personality might have…but the Moka with pink hair usually has a sad/cute/angry face in the series (so far). Also I LOVE all tones of pink hair…but I think Shueisha missed the mark in choosing that color. Moka’s hair is more like how it’s pictured directly below. 

Moka with Rosario On

Moka with Rosario Off

This figure isn’t perfect, the paint job has noticeable flaws when you get up close. I also really dislike how they painted that skirt. The skirt looks very cheaply done. I’m a bit disappointed because Piccoro’s Haruna figure has a similar skirt to what Moka wears and the skirt on that figure is done significantly better. However, that figure was released after Moka so maybe thats proof that Piccoro is refining how they make their figures.

However, all these complaints I have just stated I was well aware of when I looked at the prototype pictures before ordering this figure. So why did I order her still? I REALLY REALLY like Moka as a character and this is one of the few (if not the only) figure of Moka currently out there. And although that hair color and expression don’t embody Moka as well as I’d like, they still look nice. But that pose and the use of scenery sold me completely and totally. Shueisha gets amazingly high marks from me for these two things, even if other figures of Moka come out I doubt that they will choose the pose and base scenery as well as Shueisha did. Even without fangs showing you just feel that she is a vampire. Plus the fact that she is about to touch the Rosario so delicately portrays how important that necklace is perfectly. 

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  1. Maura says:

    This is rly nice ^^

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