Air – Review Blurb

Title: Air
Japanese Title: Air
Author/Director: Yukimaru Katsura/Tatsuya Ishihara
Genre: Drama/Romance/Fantasy
Licensed: Yes (ADV)
Release Date: August 14, 2007 (U.S.)
Episodes: 13

Quick Summary
Yukito is a performing wanderer who happens to come into a certain town one summer where he meets 3 lovely girls. All 3 girls are lonely in their own way and Yukito does his best to help them resolve this loneliness throughout the series. Mysterious events that occurred 1000 years ago have a major effect on how these girls are currently living their lives.

Yukito is a traveling wanderer searching for a girl with wings who flies sadly in the sky. This goal has been passed down to him from his mother. He makes his living by performing puppet shows, he can make a little doll move around and perform without strings. However, his show isn’t very entertaining so he most likely doesn’t make very much off it.

Misuzu (the blonde) is a cheerful and almost unbelievably clumsy girl (really she often just randomly falls for no reason). She loves dinosaurs and when she is feeling down she’ll often say ‘gao’ because that’s what she thinks dinosaurs sounded like.

Kano (blue hair) is a playful and eccentric young girl who often says very random things. She also always wears a yellow ribbon tied around her right-hand wrist, believing that when she grows up and takes off the ribbon, she will be able to use magic.

Minagi (grey hair) is a top student at school, Minagi is very shy and quiet and often has a blank boring look on her face (some may call it serene but it just looks boring to me). She is fond of blowing bubbles with a little girl named Michiru at the old train station.

Review Blurb
I found the opening song to be pleasant and caught myself sort of humming it a bit, and I rarely hum or sing. The animation is beautiful, nothing to complain about. The art however does not suit my tastes, the characters’ eyes seemed too far apart, I would have paid a lot of money just to go up to my screen and push all the females’ eyes just a little closer together. However, I do think the school uniform design is the cutest school uniform I have ever seen in an anime. Also when Misuzu spreads out her arms and has her hair flowing in the wind, as though she is flying, she does look angelic. 

This anime is based off of a video game, I have never watched an anime based off a video game that has not bored me (not to say good ones aren’t out there I just haven’t found them). So why did I watch this series? It received a lot of positive attention with articles from various anime magazines that I read. That combined with the fact that it was only 13 episodes made me give it a try, and I regret it. I gritted my teeth and finished this series simply because I had wasted money on it. Not a single episode felt slightly interesting until episode 8 and even then my interest was short lived. The story moved very slowly at first and the whole first story arc felt like fillers, then the main purpose of the anime began to show and then BAM!! an UTTER crap ending. The show became very confusing at the end, they never paused to properly explain anything and very weird things were happening. Even if things were explained I doubt it would redeem my opinion of this anime. The only good scenes in this entire show were ones with the dog Potato in them, he made me smile.

I’m actually ANGRY at this anime because underneath how bad this show is I could tell there was a story that had the potential to really move me. However, this isn’t to say there aren’t others out there who don’t love this show. In fact when people ask for a “short and sad” anime I often frown and then mutter that they might like Air…even though I didn’t…and the funny thing is they end up loving it. This is one show I really disliked and I believe I might be in the minority in my dislike for this show.

2 Responses to Air – Review Blurb

  1. Baka-Raptor says:

    Hey, the dinosaurs were cool! Other than that, I must agree with your overall assessment. I don’t get what everybody sees in this show…

  2. Persocom says:

    Actually, I have to agree. I was very sad by the end of this and it wasn’t a happy type of sad, it was like, wtf all this build up just to be shattered by a horrible ending? The last part of it was confusing to me too. I think the best part of it was the opening song. Now, it seems you really don’t like the animation style but if you haven’t seen Kanon 2006 (I prefer that version), which was made by the same people, I would suggest giving it a try. I assure you the ending is not depressing, but you might not like it anyways. I watched Kanon 2006 first, so Air made me even more bummed out because I expected the ending to be decent.

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