Chi (Art Storm) Chobits

This is a figure of Chi by Art Storm, Chi is from the anime series/manga Chobits. This figure has MANY bootlegs on eBay from what I can see, so be careful on where/who you purchase it from. I happened to see it at Robert’s Anime Corner Store for $40 a few weeks ago and excitedly added it to my cart. This figure is actually pretty large she is a 1/5 scale figure (most figures are only 1/8) so $40 really was a good price. Art Storm makes one other figure of Chi that I’ve read awful reviews on (she is standing with one leg up with a finger in front of her lips) so even though I don’t own it I can safely say I don’t recommend it based on all the reviews I’ve read. She is unstable and she snaps at the ankle eventually. However, I knew I’d be safe on a figure in this pose, I mean…where is she going to snap in that position?

I’m a huge fan of CLAMP (the creators of Chobits), Cardcaptor Sakura was the final straw before I went anime obsessed. I was so fond of Cardcaptor Sakura that I immediately purchsed and watched Chobits expecting something similar since it was from the same people that did Cardcaptor Sakura…boy was I EVER surprised. Back then all I had watched was Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Digimon, and Time Detective Flint so this one really blew my world. When I was done with Chobits at that time I was unsure how I felt about it all, Chobits is a series thats generally aimed at older men (although it has no nudity so don’t worry about that). But since then I’ve become accostumed to the oddness that many anime series possess and I’m fond of this series. I recently read the manga and it cleared up a lot of questions I had about this series (when I watched it the series wasn’t licensed and they were poor fansubs).

I like this figure because it’s not too revealing and I like cute maid outfits (although I don’t have a maid fetish). Since Chobits is such an old show I feel lucky to have tracked down a nice figure of Chi. The art associated chobits really is gorgeous, I’d love to have more figures of illustrations by CLAMP. I had a hard time finding a good spot for her on my shelves. I decided she looks best lower then eye level (but not on the bottom shelf) and slightly angled because her skirt goes up pretty high and it just looks ridiculous from behind. The sculpt of this figure is very nice and I think the painting is fine, it’s not as high quality as an Alter figure but it’s still pretty darn good quality. My only complaint is that her hand doesn’t rest firmly on whatever flat surface you place her on, it’s not too noticeable though (as you can see from the pictures).

The base is HUUUUGE. If I were to use that base she wouldn’t fit on my shelf so I don’t use it. She looks better without the base anyway. Although the base isn’t a bad color or too large for the figure, it’s just uneccesary and I think it distracts the onlooker from the figure a bit. I loathe bases that are extrodinarily larger then the figure, but due to the long pose and hair this one is just the right size, but it’s still a big base in general.

3 Responses to Chi (Art Storm) Chobits

  1. Persocom says:

    Wow, $40 for a 1/5 scale Chi? DO WANT! I’ve seen that standing one you mentioned, it almost became my first figure, but then I heard terrible reviews about it and I really didn’t want to see poor Chi end up damaged and the price was what… $70-80, no thanks.. If I wasn’t trying to recover from the spending I’ve done lately I’d go buy this one right now. I can never have enough Chi.. This is awesome, didn’t even realize it existed. Chobits is the series that pushed me over the top and made me become obsessed with anime too, I had seen anime before also but it’s story sucked me in and changed my perspective.

  2. Poofiemus says:

    Chobits was the second manga I read, and the first I really loved. It was also the first anime series I bought (as opposed to mooching it off my friends).

    Damn, I almost bought that standing on one leg Chii at AX this year! Now I’m glad I didn’t. That would have been quite a disappointment.

    As a side note, even with the quality of the official licensed version, the anime ending still leaves a bunch of loose ends, in large part because they turned all of volume 7 into one single episode. (That is my only real gripe with the anime version, so I tell all my friends to be acquainted with both if they’re unfamiliar with Chobits.)

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