Chise (Kotobukiya) Saikano

This is Chise from the anime/manga series Saikano, the figure is by Kotobukiya. I was very lucky to find this figure at a reasonable price. I happened to find it on eBay and at the time of purchase she was my most expensive figure at $55. I’ve read the manga but I haven’t seen the anime. What drew me to this series and this character were those wings that just seemed to scream tragedy. Chise is my all time favorite tragic heroine, the ending to Saikano (the manga at least) left a huge impact on me. I think about the ending to that series more often then any other.

This figure is a great representation of Chise. Her humble/shy face and expression (looking slightly downward) with her hands somewhat nervously together while she stands among rubble all perfectly contrast those wings coming out of her back. Even if you know nothing of the story, those wings seem to make the onlooker wonder if she might be the one responsible for that rubble at her feet. Chise is a shy, clumsy girl with very little self-esteem and has poor grades in everything except for World History. She was constantly hospitalized in Tokyo during her elementary years, and thus, has very few friends. She was turned into the ultimate weapon against her will and the series revolves around her and her fading humanity.

I’ve seen all the (mass produced) figures of Chise and I believe that of the few figures out there of her that this one is the best. There is a cold cast figure of this sculpt but I find the colors they chose ugly in comparison to these. I think this figure looks good on a shelf just above eye level, because she is looking slightly down it’s easy to put this figure in an uncomplimentary spot where you can’t fully take in the figure. Some have argued that her face is too plain…but I dislike when people say a figure’s face is too plain as if it’s a bad thing, when in fact it’s a perfect representation of the character. The author of this series has a VERY VERY simplistic drawing style, I believe he once mentioned that his art style is such because he writes these stories for adults who care more about the impact of the story and the realistic portrayal of the personalities of the characters.

The Last Love Song On This Little Planet.

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  1. jyuichi says:

    I’ve been looking for that figure…. Nice to see a review of it. 😀

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