Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure – Review Blurb


With the re-release of this game on the DS coming up this seemed like an appropriate review choice. Rhapsody was probably the 5th or 6th game I ever played to completion and was my first game by Nippon Ichi. It was a gift for my sister, who was 6 years my junior. I had finished my video games that I got for Christmas so I decided to permanently borrow this one to help pass the time. Forgive me if I’m rusty on the details because its been a while.

Quick Summary
The heroine of this game is Cornet, a young girl who has a special ability that allows her to talk to puppets. Her sidekick and best friend is a puppet with a soul named Kururu. One day Cornet is rescued by the prince of Marl Kingdom, Ferdinand, from a dragon (cliche I know) and she instantly falls in love. However, the witch, Queen Marjoly, also has a crush on the prince and tried to transport him to her castle, but messed up the spell and accidentally turned him to stone. There is another character named Etoile who is essentially the spoiled/rich version of Cornet and considers herself Cornet’s rival in love for the prince.

Review Blurb
Does it sound girlie enough for you all? Well this game is very girlie, very cutsey, and very easy. A lot of the attacks have to do with pastries and candy falling from the sky. I would occasionally reach a difficult level in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (one of Nippon Ichi’s later works) but in Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure I still remember to this day how effortless all my battles were. Although this game has an easy-medium-hard choice for settings, I can’t remember what I had the game on at the time I played. Most likely medium, but based on some of the reviews I’ve been reading it doesn’t seem like it matters what level of difficulty this game was set at because the end result will be an easy gaming experience. BUT this was my first stratgey RPG and I found myself intrigued by a combat system based on moving characters like chess pieces across a square paneled battle field.

I enjoyed this game and found some of the dialogue a little amusing, like when Kururu was trying to talk Cornet out of fighting the dragon she said “You know that when you die, the game is game over, right? You’ll have…to watch this scene all over again…” which was at least smile worthy comment for me. I thought it was cute. Also the songs (yes thats right there are songs) really weren’t sung too bad, I mean they were all cutsey and wholesome but I didn’t mind them. Also please note I’m referring to the English dub, back then I wouldn’t consider listening to the Japanese.

This game is for hardcore rpg gamers that are also Nippon Ichi fanatics…and little girls, but thats about it. At the time I played this game I’d probably fall under the “little girl experimenting with new types of games” category. But I enjoyed this game and my memories of this game made me listen to my friend’s advice when he suggested Disgaea to me.

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  1. picchar says:

    They’re re-releasing Rhapsody on the DS?? O_o GET! O_O

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