Ruca (Max Factory) AR Tonelico 2

This figure is of Ruca and is by Max Factory. Ruca is from the game AR Tonelico 2 for the PS2 which is made by Gust and is currently released in Japan. This game will be released in the U.S. by NIS America in December 2008. I played the first AR Tonelico game all the way through and I actually loved it. I was really fond of Misha from the first game and am disappointed no figures were made for the first game. Based on what I’ve read on AR Tonelico 2 this character (Ruca) is sort of Misha’s replacement. There are a lot of similarities in their appearance and personality…although Ruca wears a harp on her head, and I wasn’t sure how keen I was on that aspect of the character design. The harp is growing on me though, before I thought it looked like a dumb hat.

Why did I buy this figure only now when its been released for a while? As much as I love Max Factory the price tag on this one was a bit high, and I was being fussy because I was still mad no figures from the first game were made. I was completely biased against this character right away because she wasn’t Misha and I didn’t take the time to examine her. What finally pushed me into reconsidering her was the images I saw from WonFes ’08 the figure Max Factory was making for Chroche Latel Pastalie (Croche is the other Revytail in the game) and the images of her took my breath. As a result I took another hard look at this figure because I knew then that the Croche figure would be mine.

PS – Nothing like reviewing photos of closeups to make you realize the slight flaws with your figure πŸ˜› seems there is a black spot on her hair and to the left of her nose.

This is the only figure I own where I can say that the figure looks just as impressive from behind as she does from the front. I think the large picture above is actually my favorite picture of her out of the whole lot. This is definitely the type of figure that makes me wish I had a glass case I could display her in, that way she could be casually viewed better from more angles.

I bought this figure for the wrong reasons…to complete a set. Thats right!! I admit it! I’m a completionist! But when I actually got her I really admired her right off the bat. There is just so much lovely detail that has been put into her outfit. There is something interesting to look at on her outfit from any angle. I also love the color pink and since Sailor Moon I really like the look of crescent moons. I’m also fond of how her hair is clipped up because I like to do that with my hair too.

I also didn’t fully appreciate her pose until I got her and saw her in real life. There is so much beautiful flow to her pose. The positioning of her outfit and the way she elegantly has her hand on her shoulder while the other arm just swings behind really got me. Her legs look very nice as well, she looks like a little fairy about to land.

Have you ever bought a figure just to complete a set? Did you regret it?


3 Responses to Ruca (Max Factory) AR Tonelico 2

  1. Buy Naruto says:

    very pleasant can get it… πŸ˜‰

  2. meronpan says:

    i’ve been vaguely curious about the ar tonelico games although i know nothing about them ^^; ruca looks like a figure i’d buy if i was familiar with the series.

    i’m also a completionist… ryoko for my max factory haruhi, thinking about completing the wave fortune arterial set… will probably be getting figma hayate to keept fate and nanoha company… once i got one shuraki, i went ahead and got the rest… have some queen’s blade figures on order but luckily some of character designs are so meh for me i think i can resist getting ’em all ^^; nothing i regret so far though! ^_^

  3. […] and pre-ordered Chroche. I don’t have any images of the Ruca figure besides the ones from my old blog for now. At some point I plan on re-doing the review of Ruca with better pictures and pictures of […]

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