Hobbyfan Bargain Bin Haul

So this haul is exactly what the title says. I bought these figures after realizing that Hobbyfan had a surplus of ridiculously reasonably priced figures. The most expensive figure I bought was only $15.99. At prices like that who could say no?

I personally went for BMX Rei by Kotobukiya, Sakura by Alter, and Mina by Toy Planning. I had my eye on BMX Rei and Sakura but felt they didn’t make the cut for pre-orders. As for Mina I had recently seen someone post images of a different figure they had of her and I thought she had a lovely look, and I love archers so the fact that she was an archer made me decide to keep an eye out for her.

I’m not going to post any further pictures of the figures in this post because they’ll have their own photo shoots in the “My Figures” section eventually.

As for the Negima manga it was a steal on eBay at $60 for 12 new manga with free shipping. Considering the retail at over $10 a piece I’m pretty happy with the deal.

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