Mao (Eye Scream) Shining Wind

So Entertainment Earth recently had a massive sale and I was able to get this figure of Mao by Eye Scream at a pretty good price. Originally I believe these figures retailed over $70 but it seems like with a little effort a few (Mao, Ryuna, and Blanc at least) can easily be bought at under $40. There are some more Shining figures by Eye Scream being announced and I’m curious to see if they also do the drop in price that their predecessors did. Somehow I doubt the newly announced Kureha will though.

I would assume Eye Scream got their name for their unique approach to their figures’ eyes. As you can see in the image above the eye is made of a plastic that seems separate from the PVC figures, I think they use a particular doll eye to create a more striking stare. I neither love nor adore this feature, it doesn’t bother me but I don’t think it’s something worth raving about either. It’s hardly a feature that merits a $70 price tag.

Of all the Mao figures I’ve seen (thats right all 2) I think this figure captures her the BEST! I think the pink/peach color tone they used for her outfit was a REALLY wonderful color choice. They also made her ears really cute, they blend well into her hair and look natural. Plus that pose was just a perfect choice, it just feels like if a cat were in a human body thats how they would stretch.

I have one major complaint with this figure…she shakes a bit. If you walk by the bookcase she is displayed on she’ll wiggle a bit. When I was taking pictures and I rotated her to take a picture from another angle I had to wait for a few seconds for her to stop shaking. Despite this she seems like she won’t be breaking any time soon though because she is screwed into her base. EDIT: I realized later that I could push her onto her peg just a hair more, the wiggling isn’t as noticeable anymore.

She was a worthwhile purchase at $35, although those that love catgirls may be willing to pay more 😉 . I’m only into catgirls if it’s Mao, but I realize cat ears is a fairly common fetish in anime.

Please note that I have found the manufacturer of this figure listed as Beagle, Eye Scream, or President Japan. In the end I decided on using Eye Scream in my blog because of the logo with Eye Scream on it on the box.


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