Shining and BOME Hauls

These are two separate hauls but I decided to combine them into one post! The first haul was my Entertainment Earth splurge when they had that sale. I must say $35 per figure when they originally retailed at over $80 is a good deal indeed! Although I don’t plan on buying anymore of the Eye Scream Shining ladies unless I find a similar deal. I’ll post pics and a review later this week, but as much as I like these figures they are not worth $85 in my eyes.

The next part of the haul includes BOME’s last two PVC figures. I really liked Akira and Lucia and took a lot of pictures of them. It really is a shame that he no longer makes his affordable PVC figures anymore. I started collecting figures because I saw his figures of Kanami and Teresa (from Full Metal Panic) and thought they were awesome…although I didn’t buy them because back then $35 seemed like far too much money to spend on figures. I personally open all my BOME figures, although I can see why a lot of collectors are happy to keep them in their blister packaging. The packaging is designed to really make visibility great even unopened, but I just can’t keep them in it. Although I’ve heard a lot of people automatically don’t open them anymore because his first few PVC figures had breaking issues and I guess it became a habit? I have started saving the BOME packaging though, I used to throw it out.

I’m not going to post any further pictures of the figures in this post because they’ll have their own photo shoots in the “My Figures” section eventually.

As for the Cardcaptor Sakura Clow book and cards. I bought that on eBay because it brings back memories, my little sister and I used to have one and we’d play all sorts of game with that book and the wand. I’m a bit too grown up to want the wand anymore…but not too grown up to really want that book.


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