Lucky Star Mini-Trading Figures Vol.1

I missed Volume 1 of the FREEing Lucky Star mini trading figures the first time around so I snagged them on the re-release. These cuties cost me a total of $35 for the set, I don’t think thats too shabby considering I didn’t have to buy a randomized box and pray that I get 1 of each character (including the secret figure). From what I gathered it’s VERY annoying/hard to get a whole set from 1 randomized box of FREEing figures. I only mention this because a lot of trading figure companies out there pretty much give you the whole set in a single randomized box. For example When I got a randomized box of Megahouse Naruto Premium Heroines I was sweating bullets hoping to get a few particular figures. It came with every single figure plus the secret with no doubles. I was ecstatic I thought I was the LUCKIEST girl in the world…until I mentioned this on my forums and was told that they pretty much give everyone the whole set in a randomized box. So if you’re hoping that this will be the case with the FREEing Lucky Star figures don’t get your hopes up too high.


At first I was hesitant to spend that much on mini figures…but I began to see the charm in these detailed tiny figures. They look absolutely lovely standing in the front row of your shelf and will not block your view of any larger figures they may be in front of. I could even put them in front of regular trading figures and not worry about them blocking too much of the figures behind them. These guys only measure about 5 cm tall. So keep that in mind if you notice flaws with the figures in some of my close-ups.


Each figure comes with an alternate arm, or in Tsukasa’s case arms. I really enjoy that they allowed me some choice in how I display my mini-trading figures. This is the first time I’ve gotten mini-trading figures that offer me some accessory options (although my only other mini-trading figures are Final Fantasy). I realize this feature many not amaze everyone because with Nendoroids, Figmas and such offering so many options on poses and accessories the options on these may not seem like much.


One thing about these figures that I’m really happy about is that they’re EASY TO ASSEMBLE! I cannot for the life of me assemble a single petit Nendoroid, but these guys are very friendly to the weaklings. I also like the stand, it’s subtle but holds each figure up securely.


The secret figure of this set is Akira. Of the set I’d say Akira looks the worst, it seems as though her eyes are spread too far apart. Makes it look weird that she doesn’t have a nose or something…even thoguh the rest don’t have noses either only Akira seems to look weird without one.


Overall I’m more than happy with these figures, they suit my needs perfectly and don’t take up too much shelf space. But if I couldn’t get them as a set I personally wouldn’t go to the trouble of trying to collect them all by buying a few randomized boxes because I have no idea how well these will sell on eBay. Doubles of pretty much any petit nendoroid you get will always make you back at least a little money on eBay, but I have no idea on these. If you’re forced to choose between these and the Lucky Star petit Nendoroids get the Petit Nendoroids.

3 Responses to Lucky Star Mini-Trading Figures Vol.1

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  2. Superchan says:

    thx i was looking for a good review of this sett.
    I a bit to late for a Lucky Star fan most items are already out of stock.

  3. korbin says:

    how much are they

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