One Piece Haul

If this haul had a theme I’d say it’s One Piece! The Sanji and Luffy re-releases as well as the first wave of the “Young” One Piece line all happened to come out at once! I was also supposed to have a small model of the Thousand Sunny in this haul too, but there were complications 😛 that’ll be a later haul!

Thank goodness for re-releases!! I plan on collecting all the One Piece crew members, and if Megahouse wasn’t doing re-releases I’d never be able to afford it without a guilty conscience. These guys will be joining my Megahouse Franky, Chopper, Nami, and Zoro above the TV. My boyfriend loves One Piece so much too that they’re the only figures that are allowed to creep from the 2nd floor down to the 1st floor in the living room. Although sometimes I wonder what people think of Franky…lets just say Megahouse pays close attention to details and Franky is wearing a speedo…sigh. Not like I don’t look creepy enough without my beloved Franky raising a few eyebrows.

Thats Sanji holding his…wait a minute! Thats not a lollipop! 4Kids lied to me!! Sanji is a BAD MAN for smoking! Just kidding I wouldn’t watched that dubbed One Piece trash. Sanji wins at being the plainest of the One Piece figures but I really like his pose with his cigarette. Shows what a manly man he is…with a swirly eyebrow of course.

Gotta love Luffy, I like that pretty much all the other crew members change their outfits over the course of the series but Luffy stays completely constant for the first 300 episodes (or so), and when he finally does change it’s pretty much the exact same outfit except with darker shorts. Kind of symbolic about his unchanging and stubborn nature…but I’m probably reading into it too much.

One of the main reasons I like One Piece so much is how strongly you become attached to the characters once you learn about their own individual back stories. The fact that there are young figures of them from the days of their back story makes me really happy! They were all such cuties when they were smaller! But I can’t help but wonder…what on EARTH are they going to do for a “young” Chopper and Brook? Chopper pretty much looks the same now as when he was younger and Brook would well….if you’ve seen that character you know why Brook would be a problem. These figures come with 1 alternate face and Luffy comes with a steak that you can put on his fork.

Now I’m going to talk about my AMAZINGLY expensive 1/4 FREEing Yuki and Tsuruya figures! Just kidding I’m not. My Yuki has some white paint splatter in the front of her hair and I’m currently trying to negotiate if I can get another. If that falls through then I’ll try using some of the tips I saw on DannyChoo to remove the paint. Usually I’m not a stickler for small flaws but it’s pretty big and pretty distracting since it’s on her bangs. After all these figures cost over $100 there is no need for me to be shy about trying to get the quality I paid for. But I must say besides that small defect I’m very impressed with them and am thrilled to own them.

My Pinky Street Yuki also arrived. She is darn cute and my only complaint is that there are unsightly rectangular holes in her bangs so that her glasses will stay on her face. Since I wasn’t planning on displaying her with her glasses it’s a complete annoyance for me. If you want an affordable way to collect figures of the Haruhi crew Pinky Street is a good way to go, this Yuki cost about $15.

Full Metal Alchemist manga volumes 1-12…I tend to keep an eye on manga on eBay and pounce when I see a good deal. I got these manga for the sweet price of $35. Ever since the anime disappointed me I’ve sworn to myself that I’d read all the manga and get the awful anime ending out of my head! And I start fulfilling that promise to myself now!

Millennium Snow and Rosario Vampire were late birthday gifts. I’ll admit I’m mainly reading Millennium Snow because I admire that author’s other work, Ouran High School Host Club. I didn’t buy it before cause I’m always hesitant to start a series I know is on hiatus. Rosario Vampire…I saw the figure by Piccoro and looked it up to see what it was about. The plot summary appealed to me A LOT. I fully expect to be ecstatic over this series. I got the first volume of Midori Days because its going out of print and I want to figure out if I want to read the manga. I saw the anime and enjoyed it a lot but I’m hoping that the manga fulfills my answers more.


2 Responses to One Piece Haul

  1. meronpan says:

    wow, that was all one order? alas, i can’t share in your one piece enthusiasm since i’m totally unfamiliar with the series ^^; i am familiar with the freeing bunnies though… that’s one heck of a get! hope you get the yuki hair thing resolved

  2. samejima says:

    Wow… Crazy haul you got there… not really a fan of One Piece though… but sweet haul you have. That Tsuruya-san and Yuki has crazy price…

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