Pocky – Japanese Snacks

I was in my local grocery store and decided to take a closer look at the Asian/Japanese section, I happened to see Pocky and figured why not…and bought it. I see lots of characters casually chomping on pocky in a number of anime shows and manga volumes but I was never really tempted to buy it. I didn’t understand the appeal really, after all it was just a biscuit with a little chocolate on it. But I’ve seen too many pocky obsessed characters to not at least try it. Plus my Japanese Snacks section would be pretty poor indeed if it didn’t at least  mention pocky, it’s such a classic Japanese candy (from how anime protrays it anyway).

It was a slightly warm summer day when I decided to eat it and I was also reading some manga…it was amazing! The chocolate on the pocky was real good and almost immediately started melting in my mouth! Plus it’s a snack thats incredibly easy to eat while reading manga because the bottom of the Pocky Stick has no chocolate on it and makes it easy to grab without getting chocolate or something on your fingers that can then stain your manga. Then the stick just goes in your mouth and you can just let it sit there until all the chocolate is melted and just chomp the rest up without having to touch it again, leaving your hands free to flip pages. So pretty much it’s fun to eat.

You may have noticed I mentioned that I ate it on a warm summer day…I felt I needed to mention that because my surrounding temperature was just right to make the Pocky taste the best. It wasn’t so hot that the chocolate all melted but it was just warm enough so that the Pocky melted in your mouth immediately. When I was munching on them in my air conditioned office the experience wasn’t quite the same as my first time but was still very good.

So I recommend Pocky as a yummy snack while you’re reading! Plus all otaku should try it at least once since it seems like it’s easily accessible in a regular supermarket.


2 Responses to Pocky – Japanese Snacks

  1. meronpan says:

    wow, so this was your first time having pocky? i guess growing up with japanese relatives i take for granted lots of the exposure i got to food, snacks and such. did the store have any other flavors? personally i like strawberry the best ^_^

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    They had stuff called Yam Yams that looked like they had strawberry. But the pocky was just chocolate.

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