Skies of Arcadia – Review Blurb

Skies of Arcadia

2003 – Gamecube

This is the first game in a long time where I want to complete every aspect of the game because I’m having fun, and not because I simply feel obligated to complete all side quests because I bought the game. Usually I go for the anti-hero type of main characters, I’m not usually too fond of main characters that are through and through good guys…but I like Vyse a lot, he makes the cut. He manages to be a good guy without being a cheese ball. Also the lack of romance in this plot is a welcome change of pace from most RPGs, they just want to be awesome pirates and explore the world. I like that simplicity, it manages to have a great story without involving romantic emotions (something I felt FF12 failed at).

You (Vyse) see a young girl falling out of the sky being pursued/attacked by a large menacing ship, so you rescue her. Her mission soon becomes your mission as well and you’re all off to save the world! In this game you start out with a ship right from the get go (wouldn’t be much of a Sky Pirate without one). In this world all the continents float in mid-air and there is a lot to explore and discover in the skies as you’re flying along. You can go ‘fishing’ by running into groups of sky fish, or your compass might spin wildly indicating you made a new ‘discovery’, or you might encounter another ship and engage in a unique ship battle. This is a very open ended game.

I really like the soundtrack to this game, it’s pretty basic….but there is something nostalgic about it. The music feels familiar in a way I couldn’t really place, but it did remind me of the type of music I’d hear back when I first started playing RPGs. Also these graphics aren’t cutting edge but I LOVE THEM! They’re colorful/cartoon-ish but I really admire them.

So far all you new Wii owners that may not have owned a Gamecube, pick up this game. It’s out of print, but in ‘Like New’ condition this little game only cost me $9+Shipping used off Amazon (or eBay I forget). This is the perfect game to utilize you backwards compatibility on! I doubt any Gamecube owners that liked RPGs could have missed this prize of a game.

Also for those current fans I read a nice rumor on wikipedia……

In 2007, it was rumored in EGM that SEGA is currently in the process of developing a sequel to Skies of Arcadia. It’s rumored to be officially announced at this year’s Tokyo Game Show for the Wii, with a possible PS3 version mentioned

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