Octomania – Review Blurb


2008 – Wii

So why on earth did I buy this totally random game? The person who made this game also made Puyo Pop Fever which I had fun playing at a friend’s house a while back. Plus it was $20 new with free shipping.

The plot? it’s irrelevant don’t worry too much about it. I tried to come up with my own description of the gameplay as best I could but Wikipedia still described it better so….

Quote:The player uses the Wii Remote to control a 2×2 cursor over a field of colored octopuses. Pressing the A button causes the octopuses under the cursor to rotate counter-clockwise. Numbered nets are scattered around the playing field. If the player arranges a number of same-colored octopuses under the net, the octopuses under the net, as well as any other octopuses of the same color which are connected orthogonally, are removed.
By removing octopuses in this way, the player can send sea urchins to their opponents playing field. Sea urchins can not be removed using nets, but are removed if they are orthogonal to other octopuses being removed, similar to ojama puyos in Puyo Puyo. If the player’s field fills up for 3 seconds, they lose.
The game features both a single player story mode, and a multiplayer mode for up to four players. Online play is also included using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

I personally did not find this game fun….I could just stink at it and didn’t work hard enough to get better, but I didn’t really want to get better at this game. Moving the octopi counterclockwise was a very frustrating way to move them around and it was hard to envision how they move and will line up best with the other octopi. I’m better at getting together groups of similar things in games when they’re just falling (Puyo) or when I’m shooting at them (Snood).

I attempted to strategically move all the Octopi to beat my opponent, but for how I was playing it (on arcade easy mode) it was best just to button mash wildly. I kid you not, this game is easily defeatable on easy mode with pure unstrategic button mashing. Somehow they just eventually line up enough for you to beat the other character.

So why am I talking about a game I disliked? It’s a unique game that is affordable and it may be your sort of thing. I’m sure many of you will be far more skilled at this sort of game than I and I wanted to bring it up.

One Response to Octomania – Review Blurb

  1. gordanham says:

    I got this game from best buy for $10 when it first came out and I enjoyed the versus mode but the story mode was just bad acting and boring. But I love all the little multi-colored octopi and the
    octobot and talking takoyaki. The opening makes me laugh too. The thing that creeped me out was that the dragon sounded like Cartman from South Park.(0.o)

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