Nanatsuiro Drops Limited Edition Nendoroid

Nanatsuiro * Drops: Touch de Hajimaru Hatsukoi Monogatari [Limited Edition]

I had fallen in love with the Limited Edition Sumomo Nendoroid. But alas all seemed lost because she was part of a set of items that would cost over $100 after shipping! I could not justify spending that much on a single nendoroid even though I admired those little pjs and that cute ram of hers! I have a DS but there is no guarantee that I’d enjoy the game (especially since I can’t read Japanese) so I could not take a risk. This set went on sale for $37 on Play Asia, which isn’t even more expensive than a regular nendoroid without all the extras!!! Too bad I was on vacation with no internet during that sale 😦 but eventually more sets were listed at $49.95! I could justify buying a nendoroid and my first Japanese game for that amount. I’m actually quite curious to see if I can fudge my way through the game! I’ll keep you posted after I finish…or fail at completing!

I must admit the set did come with quite a few extras, although hardly enough to justify the $100 price tag. There is the Sumomo Nendoroid, 2 long posters, 1 post card, some stickers, display calendar card things with lovely images, a pin, and an alternative cover for the game.

I’m thrilled to own this nendoroid, even when I didn’t own her she was my favorite nendoroid and I melted a bit every time one of my forum buddies posted her in their hauls. I had assumed when I got her that I’d display with her eyes open but after seeing this cute little sleeping face…I couldn’t settle for anything but this. After all how many figures/nendoroids are of the character sleeping!?

She is also VERY VERY cute awake! Look at that delightful little smile! It was very hard to choose! But for me being able to (guilt free) buy this little darling is a miracle. It seems far too many figures (nendoroids especially) lately are only accessible to those who live in Japan and then the rest of us fight over the expensive scraps that make their way to eBay.

Are you also getting sick of all the nendoroid exclusives lately? Seems like the cutest nendoroids are exclusives too!

-Sumomo Nendoroid

-Bon Festival Haruhi Nendoroids

-Shakugan no Shana (Black Haired) Nendoroid

-Shakugan no Shana (Fiery) Petit Nendoroid

…and those are only the ones that I REALLY wanted! there are so many more out there now and coming out in the future.

Thats it…I need to move to Japan.

4 Responses to Nanatsuiro Drops Limited Edition Nendoroid

  1. super rats says:

    That’s really cute.

  2. blueplains says:

    Wow she is simply adorable,love the lil goat^^ and Nice buy,was for a $100 and you got it for half the price,great steal haha:D I have to agree with you,Japan does have a lot of exclusives:/

    I think everybody show move to Japan,or at least Japan move to every country^^


  3. oneandonlyjem says:

    Heh, “forum buddies” I wonder what forum you’re talking about ;p . Well, 49.95 is still a great price and don’t know if your boyfriend would get irritated that you’re looking at figures during the vacation, lol.

    “Thats it…I need to move to Japan.” hahahahaha!!!! My sentiments exactly. It would save me a lot of trouble, but I would miss Disneyland.

  4. lovelyduckie says:

    Naw he wouldn’t be irritated if I looked during vacation, I would have but we literally had NO INTERNET. We rented a house for the week and had assumed it would have internet…but there wasn’t. He was foaming at the mouth for internet more-so than me, I was calm because I had it on good authority from the dude who I ordered figures from that nothing that would sell out quick was going to be announced that week.

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