Last Haul of July!

Last Haul of July!

The last haul of July?? Duckie it’s already well into August! – I know I know but I was too busy re-reading my manga and playing with my figmas from this haul to properly post it!!

(and now the crazy blogger will stop talking to herself…unless no one reads this…then I suppose I’ll continue to talk to myself…)

So first off I’ll start off with this lovely Saber by Kotobukiya. I was about to buy her on eBay when the person I buy my figures from told me she is easily attainable even though she currently wasn’t listed on the site. I was surprised and delighted…I thought I had come across a rare gem because I could NOT find this on anywhere! But then someone told me I couldn’t find her because she was an unpopular item that didn’t sell! UNPOPULAR! SABER!? NEVER!! I simply cannot understand why this figure was unpopular. Sure the outfit is plain but this is the outfit we see her in the most, and the plainness of the outfit really draws your eyes to Saber’s ornate sword Caliburn. In all her other figures Caliburn tends to blend into her ornate blue outfit. This outfit is what brings out Saber’s calm and modest personality best! Another complaint was that she was a bit small for 1/8th but this figure was pretty darn affordable, size versus price only concerns me if we’re talking as small as 1/10th or as big as 1/4th. So basically I love it! There is no such thing as a BAD Saber figure!!!

Well….no such thing as a bad official Saber figure………

Aisaka Taiga by Max Factory…I know very little about this character but I plan on learning about her when the anime series airs in Japan this fall! Even if the anime stinks I LOVE this figure! The cat is too ridiculously cute! And Taiga’s face is a cute grumpy look. Plus I really love how her hair is done, I’m a fan of long hair. I’m just a sucker for Max Factory…I’d worship them any day of the week. I also like that she is sitting down, I can put her in front of other figures without blocking them.

Yuki was my first figma but as soon as I got the Haruhi figma by Max Factory I started realizing just how fun they are. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my Yuki it’s just…when you throw in Haruhi (who had 3 awesome faces) there are just oh so many more possibilities for fun situations!

As for my Saber figma she is truly magnificent. Due to the details of her armor I think that of all the figmas her joints are the most easily hidden. If you have to only choose one figma to own and you’re not sure who to pick I’d say go for Saber (and thats not because I love Saber as a character). I really like that she has a hair alternative that makes it look like she is running to the side. If you put her sword in a sweeping motion with that hair on, it definitely gives the figure more power and flow.

Beauty Pop is a manga I highly recommend for shojo fanatics who don’t want to get involved with too much drama. It’s a humorous and easygoing series that I enjoy a lot. It’s one of the few series that I’m caught up to Japan on and then eagerly purchase the US releases so I can re-read it. The same goes for Skip Beat but on that one you can just read my review under Shojo manga if you’re really curious.

Your and My Secret volume 2…all I can say is FINALLY!!!!! I bought the first volume ages ago and really liked it!! But no more came out! ADV gave up the license to Tokyopop and now the story can finally continue for me!

Welcome to the NHK (light novel), I bought this because the manga started to displease me and I realized that the manga was based off of this novel. So I plan on just watching the anime and reading this instead.


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