Soul Eater – Review Blurb

Quick Summary

This anime focuses on a school known as Shibusen, here Weapon Meisters and their Weapons train. Weapons have a human form/personality as well as their weapon form. The goal of the school is to eliminate evil human souls, they do this to eliminate the risk of one of these souls turning into the Demon God. Once a Demon God is born from a corrupt human soul they will throw the world into chaos and attempt to destroy everything. In order for a weapon to become powerful it must devour 99 evil souls as well as the soul of a witch.

(At the time of this review 16 episodes are released and the series is currently unlicensed in the U.S. as an anime.)


Maka and Soul

Maka and Soul are considered the main protagonists of the show but they share the spotlight most of the time with Death the Kid and Black Star (see below). Maka is a very serious and studious Meister who gets top notch grades, she aspires to create a Death Scythe weapon even greater than the Death Scythe made by her mother. That Death Scythe just so happens to be her father and he is currently the strongest Death Scythe in Shibusen. Maka’s weapon/partner is a scythe named Soul. Soul is an easy going character that likes to be known as a “cool guy”, he often gets beat up by Maka.

Black Star and Tsubaki

Black Star might be the funniest character in this show, he reminds me of a Naruto that is ALWAYS funny. Now for those who dislike Naruto please don’t turn away, Naruto is simply the character whose actions/attitude/profession match Black Star the best…but Naruto has nothing on Black Star in terms of ridiculous humor and potential strength in my opinion. Black Star has a HUGE ego and cannot resist showing off constantly. Although he is a ninja he only uses his stealth skills to peep on girls in the bath. As overbearing and selfish as Black Star is Tsubaki is calm and accomodating. I believe its been said that she might be the only weapon suited to pairing up with Black Star due to his overwhelming personality. Tsubaki is a unique weapon that has multiple weapon forms (shuriken, smoke bomb, a katana…etc). It’s hard to judge the skills of these two…Black Star seems to have a lot of strength that we never get to see because he is too busy being a ridiculous ego-maniac.

Death the Kid and the Thompson Sisters

Death the Kid is the son of the God of Death of Shibusen and is a shinigami by birth, thus he doesn’t actually have to make a weapon but Kid insists on it anyway. As a matter of fact Kid is making two weapons, a set of guns who are sisters. Although the guns are a set he has to capture 99 human souls and 1 witch soul per gun. As a shinigami Kid probably has the potential to be stronger than any of the other protagonists…but we don’t get a chance to see because Kid’s fierce psychological problems often take command and the result is that he is completely distracted away from battle. Death the Kid has an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder when it comes to symmetry. Kid finds himself unable to damage or destroy objects that are perfectly symmetrical and goes into a fury when perfectly symmetrical items are broken. Kid can barely function his OCD is so bad.

The Thompson sisters are an amusing duo, the younger sister Patty is just ridiculously goofy with a laugh that is sure to make you smile. She completely acts like a small child and I have yet to see her behave seriously. The older sister Liz is smarter (and maybe as a result of this) is slightly less brave than her younger sister.

Review Blurb

Soul Eater has a unique art style that gets some getting used to but once you do…you realize how awesome it is. It’s hard to describe but I really love it, when I read the first chapter of Soul Eater manga I was actually wishing for the art to look more like its anime counterpart. Also the opening song…is completely addicting I am in LOVE with this opening! This song is stuck in my head night and day and the accompanying animation really suits it.

Why did I start watching this series? There was a lot of hype around it as the ‘next hit shonen series’ and in all honesty I’ve never been a part of any of the hit shonen series from episode 1 so I thought I’d follow this one right from the start. The first 3 introductory episodes were ok…I felt a lot of fanatic fans that were raving about it at that point were prematurely excited. But after that point things started picking up fast and now I’m completely involved with the plot, I now need my weekly dose of Soul Eater. It’s a great combination of action/comedy, my ideal anime is one with addicting action and humor that makes me laugh out loud a lot…and so far Soul Eater is only the 2nd series to accomplish this. The author has also wet my curiosity as to how strong these defective characters really are when they momentarily overcome their (usually) incapacitating personality flaws.

This series is overflowing with ridiculously awesome characters and completely random humor, I love it! A random aspect that I really admire is that the author dared to make a female the protagonist 🙂 as a girl that enjoys Shonen I really enjoy this change. The only other series that I’ve read/watched (thats considered Shonen) that has a female protagonist is Claymore.

Now all thats left is for Soul eater to fulfill the expectations they’ve created within me. If they fall short I will be VERY VERY disappointed…but I’m anticipating that this will not be the case.

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