REC – Review Blurb

July 28, 2008

Quick Summary

Fumihiko Matsumaru is an unlucky guy. None of the projects he has proposed in his advertising department have been accepted and he has just been stood up by a woman in accounting to see Roman Holiday (yes thats right the Hollywood movie staring Audrey Hepburn). As Fumihiko is about to throw out his tickets he encounters a cheerful girl (she is 20) who asks him not to throw out the tickets. Being an Audrey Hepburn fanatic she drags him to see the movie with her and cheers him up with dinner after. He learns that she is an aspiring voice actress whose greatest wish it is to someday do the voice of Audrey Hepburn in a Japanese dubbing. They walk most of the way home together and realize they’re neighbors. Although they only casually acknowledge this and go their separate ways without learning each others names. (THE END!…just kidding)

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