The Anime Weapon Game

How well do you know your anime??? Well I make these games for the forums I’m on and I thought I’d post them here as well. Feel free to answer my challenge by commenting on what the answers are!

Which Character Does This Weapon Belong To?

Weapon 1
Weapon 2
Weapon 3
Weapon 4
Weapon 5
Weapon 6
Weapon 7
Weapon 8
Weapon 9
Weapon 10
Weapon 11
Weapon 12
Weapon 13
Weapon 14
Weapon 15
Weapon 16
Weapon 17
Weapon 18
Weapon 19
Weapon 20


3 Responses to The Anime Weapon Game

  1. Spaceboy says:

    Gonna try my hand at this.
    1.Dont know the character,cause ive only seen ep. 1 of this >< the guys name escapes me.
    9. Jugoku Shoujou’s weapon???
    10.Black Cat’s Gun
    11.No idea
    12.Looks magical, looks girly/shoujouey…hmmmm Card Captor Sakura’s many toys? lol
    13. No clue
    14.Renji’s weapon from bleach
    15.LOL wtf is this? i have no idea.
    16. Typical Japanese fan to bop bakas over the head with? lol
    17. Fauss’s(that how you spell it?) staff from Tsubasa
    18. dont know,the animation looks narutoish
    19. complete guess here, devil hunter yoko?
    20. Is this the anime where guys have girls as weapons then they turn into actual weapons? either way i dont know what it is,lol

  2. Spaceboy says:

    oh wow,it shortened my comment cause it was too long…. ><

  3. Guet says:

    1. Eclair
    2. Inuyasha
    3. ?
    4. Looks like something from one piece
    5. Shaman King, the martial arts zombie guy… I’m thinking Tao Ren? For some reason that name came to mind.
    6. ?
    7. My first instinct was Kurama, but now thinking that guy from Sailor Moon.
    8. The puppet sand ninja guy from Naruto
    9. Fu
    10. Black Cat… never saw the show, but remember seeing that on random trailer.
    11. Mai Hime… Nao?
    12. Random guess… Sasami from Tenchi?
    13. Rider
    14. Renji
    15. ?
    16. Kaname Chidori?
    17. ?
    18. Good one. Trick question It’s Ophelia from Clamore. I almost put Claire, but the sword ripples.
    19. Tskumie… the vampire show from type-moon… can not remember how to spell it. also forget Character.
    20. ?

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