The Rest of the Post Vacation Haul!

This is the last of it for a while but I’m veeeerrry excited by this haul!! A lot of items I really SUPER LOVE!

Each of these figures came from separate places. Two were eBay, 1 was from Japan, and 1 from England.

Owning this Kureha by Max Factory is like a dream come true for me. She was the 2nd figure I ever laid eyes on and just completely fell for it. Sadly though I started collecting figures right after she had sold out EVERYWHERE and it took a while before I submitted and finally bought her on eBay for twice the retail value. And I’m a REAL cheapskate about paying more than retail on anything but what could I do? It was love. I’m a sucker for a lady with a bow and her costume is just so elegant. I love the twist on traditional Japanese wear it is. Also it was easy to get her to hold her bow…lately seems like all my figures refuse to submit and hold their weapons.

I almost wasn’t able to get a Death-Sensei by Alter at retail value but luckily I found the last one on one of my figure sites and secured her. She has been on hold for quite some while because I was waiting for another figure to come in that will probably never arrive (it was supposedly another batch of Tsuruyas by Max Factory coming). Her bustley dress looks one a schoolteacher from the old days would wear. And the way her hair spreads out and blends with the outstretched wings of the bird is really nice. It creates a nice flow. You’d never know she is from a hentai game.

Clalaclan by Kotobukiya…I adored her but honestly her boobs put me off. They just seemed WAY too big. But then I soon realized she would be the ONLY Kotobukiya Shining Lady I didn’t have and that simply would not do! Plus I was a bit ashamed that I would forget everything else I love about her just cause her boobs are a bit big. I was mainly concerned with looking perverted….but honestly…it’s a bit late to start worrying about looking perverted! First off I LOVE the shield and her white flowing dress, she sort of reminds me of a beautiful Paladin. Her hair really looks gorgeous and her face is very kind. I hunted her down and finally found her on sale at a store in England (people on eBay are trying to ask $200 for her and in england she was on sale go figure). I was surprised to see that she was also featured in this month’s Anime Insider.

This Lucy Maria Misora by Good Smile Company was an impulse buy. She was cheap on eBay and I think she especially looks nice in the To Heart uniform. I really like her position and her hair and eyes. Also I’m a sucker for Sakura blossoms so I love that they’re scattered across the base! Although her mouth does look a bit funny in this picture huh? I think it’s just the lighting of the flash though.

Well thats my haul! Later on I’ll make posts of these individual figures with more shots and details on the characters!


4 Responses to The Rest of the Post Vacation Haul!

  1. samejima says:

    Nice haul. Seems like you buy a load of figures in one go…
    btw, mind exchanging links?

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    Exchange links? Whats that mean? Weblog links? This is my first weblog so…..I’m ignorant 😛

  3. meimi132 says:

    I….I….I…….I…… :sob: I WANT THAT LUCY!!!!!!!

    I have a Clalaclan of my own…. but….but….but…. I WANT THAT LUCY!!!! :cries: I want that Kureha too, but the other Kureha (newer)is also lovely….. and I know places where thats in stock…. but….. the Lucy….. I want her…. I love To Heart…. the uniforms……so cute….

  4. samejima says:

    Yes the weblog links. I’ll also add your site to my links page.

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