Post Vacation Haul!!

The first haul on my Weblog!! I came back from my vacation to find a wonderful stack of boxed goodies waiting for me!

The Haruhi body pillow is actually an early b-day gift for my boyfriend but I felt she deserved to get in the picture as well. After all whats his is mine and whats mine…he is allowed to look at but not touch.

For Anime Figures top left is Enma Ai by Alter, then Misa Amane by Jun Planning, then Tsuruya by Max Factory, Yoko by Enterbrain, and Tabitha by Kotobukiya!

The Haruhi body pillow is made of nylon and not cotton so she isn’t the best to rub your cheek on but for the price I got her at I don’t care.

I’m really happy with my Enterbrain Yoko but I was a bit sad that I now have a small crack on the back of her gun. You can only see it from behind and if you look directly at that spot but it still bothers me. I asked the bf to get her to hold the gun right while I made lunch and /sniff the damage was done. Although I blame the design more than the bf because he is better than me at this sort of thing.

I was lucky to catch a Tsuruya at a reasonable price. I mainly got her so that I could buy the upcoming Mikuru figure and have the two match in their waitress outfits. BUT I really love the flow of her hand and hair…a very nicely done position.

Alter did a lovely job on Enma Ai and since she is sitting I can put her in front of other figures without her blocking them. Alter seriously needs to do Enma Ai in her kimono though! Maybe one will come out since the 2nd season of Hell Girl will be showing in Japan this fall.

I love Misa‘s clothes. I just adore those stockings and ALMOST everything about this figure except when you look closely at her hand thats holding the Deathnote its not done very well. Her fingers aren’t smooth, they look more like old woman hands. But she looks great on my shelf 🙂 she contrasts my other figures very well.

Tabitha was an impulse buy, I saw her for $30 and I just jumped on it. I was a real fan of her flowing cape and staff so I went for it. I haven’t seen the anime yet but I will try it out eventually…but there are soooo many things on my ‘To Watch’ list I don’t know when I’ll ever get around to it.

Also Tokyopop CLAMP art books North and South…I’ve actually wanted these for a long time and when I saw I could get them at under $10 in great condition I jumped at it. I’m happy I have them but I’m also happy that I didn’t pay retail price on them. I like them…but I don’t love them. The art in these books was mainly from series I had never seen or heard of….or simply were ‘meh’ about. They don’t measure up to the Magic Knight Rayearth or Cardcaptor Sakura artbooks I own but they aren’t bad. Although I was shocked to see a random half-naked woman in one of them. Seems way too ecchi for CLAMP.


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