Mushishi – Review Blurb

Quick Summary

Mushi are the purest creatures that exist…I think the show called them the closest things to the essence of life. We humans are very far away from the essence of life, so much so that not many people can even see Mushi. In a way all things humans view as paranormal can be explained by Mushi. Ginko is a man with one (green) eye and white hair who can see Mushi. He is a Mushi-shi that travels and aids humans who are suffering from unusual problems that are most likely caused by Mushi and this is what the entire show is about. Although the Mushi aren’t parasitic creatures by nature, they simply do what is in their nature to survive and sometimes what they need to do to survive effects humans negatively.

Review Blurb

Just finished Mushishi today. I can’t say I loved it…but I can’t say I hated it either. It’s a very calm anime and I almost felt soothed watching it, but it definitely wasn’t ‘hold onto your seats!’ interesting. The animation was especially lovely to look at, but all the characters (besides Ginko) were rather plain. But I think this created a great effect because the colorful/fascinating Mushishi that floated about these plain looking characters really made the magic of the Mushi stand out due to the color contrast. It makes it seem as though the world belongs to nature and the Mushi, and humans are just trying their best to survive in it. Although the opening song…I hated it as far as music goes. It was all in English and it was a song that matched the series, but I just don’t like listening to that kind of music. The opening animation sequence was also ridiculously boring. But…I’d have preferred it open with artistic views of light shining through trees (like it did) than some silly peppy opening that shows all the characters Ginko encounters on his journeys.

This is a ‘monster of the week’ type anime….or in this case a ‘mushi of the week’ type anime. Each episode is about a particular Mushi and the effect it has on the lives on the humans around them. Anime News Network said it best on their review of volume 3 of the manga of this series…”you half-expect the mushi to pipe up at the end with: ‘And we would have gotten away with it, if it hadn’t been for you meddling mushishi!’ ”

I don’t go out of my way to recommend this anime to people because it feels like a big hit or miss show. But if someone ever asked for a calming/soothing anime this would be the first one that pops to mind. This anime would be a good way to follow up any anime that was an exhausting roller coaster of emotions. I like Ginko as a character and I enjoyed this series. Mushishi made me feel like I was peeking into the sinmple past of old rural Japan. If more Mushishi comes out I plan on watching it. I’d also like to read the manga at some point.

Similar Viewing Suggestions

A lot of people say if you like Kino’s Journey you’ll like Mushishi…but I think it’s the opposite. If you like Mushishi a lot I’d say you should watch Kino’s Journey next. But I don’t think all Kino’s Journey fans will necessarily like Mushishi, but my gut tells me almost all Mushishi fans will like Kino’s Journey. A bold statement I know but I’m saying it.

2 Responses to Mushishi – Review Blurb

  1. Kitsune says:

    I enjoyed Mushishi, but didn’t like Kino’s Journey.

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Kitsune – Aw shoot I lose šŸ™‚ oh well thats what I get for making such a bold statement regarding peoples’ opinions of anime.

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